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Review: Here’s Another Very Cute Baby Shower Gift Book


Novelty books are always a great gift to give a first time mom or a woman who has just announced she is expecting her first kid. I was sent a copy of Norweigian illustrator and animator Line Severinsen‘s new graphic book, “I’m So Pregnant” to check out (retail: $14.99US). It’s a humorous take on all the common and untold unpleasantness of pregnancy.

In the intro to the hard cover book of over 50 pages of illustrations, Severinsen explains, “Like many women, when I became pregnant with my first baby, I was so excited to have the experience of carrying a child…but then, not long into my first trimester, I started noticing how the media and blogosphere continuously painted pregnancy in such a glorious light, completely leaving out the negative things that many pregnant women experienced.”

She said that’s when she grabbed her pencils to start telling her “pregnancy story in an honest way.” But with all the “keepin’ it real” in between the pages of her new book, Severinsen acknowledges it all ends well.

“I like to think that these drawings show that while pregnancy is not always easy (or pretty, or comfortable, or fun),in the end, when you see your baby for the first time, it is completely worth it,” she writes.

I found the illustrations about the sudden appearance of stretch marks, the asinine question one gets at the end, “You’re still pregnant?!”, the screaming for an epidural, the delivery selfie, and the unexpected bowel movement during the pushing stage to be the BEST and funniest parts!”

Overall, the short read is a pleasurable and fun take on pregnancy-hood. It’s on sale now! Grab your copy from our partners at Amazon.com.

Meanwhile, the title reminded me of this parody of rapper Iggy Azalea‘s song “Fancy” called “I’m so pregnant. WATCH:

‘I’m So Married’ & ‘I’m So Pregnant’ Iggy Azalea Parodies are ON POINT!

If you are a newlywed or married for a few years, you will find this parody to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea‘s hit song “Fancy” is hilarious and sooo true! It starts with the newlywed stage when it’s all sex all the time and to 5 year when  you get so comfortable, you’re on the toilet while he’s brushing his teeth. We can relate! Too funny.  It’s at 100,000 views of this posting and counting. Check it out!

And when you’re done check out the pregnant version which came out a little while ago which is at 5 million and counting and is also quite relatable: 

And of course: The original:

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