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Rich Babies of Instagram is a Thing Now


So if Rich Kids of Instagram and Rich Kids of Snapchat wasn’t obnoxious enough, people are seriously posting photos of their babies with stacks and stacks of cash, expensive handbags, and jewelry; or with them sitting in luxurious mini cars.

Apparently, it’s not that new and has been going on for a while. They even have a hashtag, #RichKidsOfInstagram, and now there is an account dedicated to reposting the most luxe, extravagant and over-the-top pics.

Woweee! I shouldn’t judge. To each his own, but this glorification of wealth is bound to breed entitled, spoiled, teens and then adults but whatev, not my problem.

Check out some of the more popular photos. See photo sources in links below the last photo.



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The Rich Babies Of Instagram Will Make You Sick And Supremely Jealous