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Did Kim Kardashian-West really Say Breastfeeding was Inconvenient?

kim k north and saint breastfeeding

We heard on the news that Kim Kardashian said in a recent post on her app that breastfeeding was inconvenient. We ladies in the Bellyitch offices gave a collective eye roll.

gif kera ritter rolling her eyes

Then we read the actual report which revealed that the business mogul was really discussing breastfeeding, generally, and shared her views on public breastfeeding, as E! reported. Phew!

“I know some people find breastfeeding such a private, personal experience, while other people are very open and even breastfeed in public,” she wrote. “Now that I’m a mom, I say whatever makes you comfortable goes.”

It’s not for her unless it’s just in front of friends, Kardashian-West says.

“I still personally wouldn’t breastfeed at a restaurant with a bunch of people I didn’t know staring at me,” she added. “I’ve seen this before and remember tweeting how shocked I was. Now that I’m a mom, I’m not that shocked, especially if you have a few kids and can’t leave to breastfeed one kid in the bathroom while leaving the others at the table. But I still personally wouldn’t do it, unless it was an emergency situation and I was fully covered.”

And, the reality TV star redeemed herself by sharing how North is jealous of her baby brother and sits in Kim’s lap to interfere with his feeding.

“North hates when I feed the baby, and she lays on my lap so Saint can’t be right in front of me to eat, LOL!” Kim wrote on the paid service. “I’ve started to include her: Sometimes I will pump and have her feed him the bottle. That totally worked! She loved helping me, as opposed to my attention being off of her, and now she is my little helper.”

So cute. Check out the app to read Kim’s perspectives on public breastfeeding. You get 7 days free access! (wink)

Okay. That’s all we got for now. Carry on.