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WANT: This Celine Bag Is Everything

A few years ago, I spotted the Celine 16 structured bag while flipping through a fashion magazine and decided THIS was the perfect “it” bag for me.

I love the simple clean lines, and the elegant curvature to the front and back and solid exquisite hardware. It’s made of satinated calfskin and as a part time vegan, believe me when I say I feel guilty about this. It has a removable shoulder strap and a twist lock closure and a padlockbon a leather key cover.

Lady Gaga made an appearance in Paris, France with it while wearing a classic pencil skirt length dress in a bold orange with the perfect pair of black leather pumps and accented with a sexy pair of Ray Ban aviator shades!

I immediately added it to my want list. Back then, it was on auction sites and running about $5,000 but as it is not a Birkin and has not appreciated. Instead the price has come down to a modest $3,200. Not bad if you want to look like the HBIC.

I am trying to navigate away from black and so I think I’m going to go with the 16 inch version in a burnt orange for $3,700….one of these days!

If you got it, GET IT! Tag me at @Bellyitch when you do!

Is Streaming Killing the Summer Blockbuster?

Streaming is changing the way people are entertained and interestingly, making an impact on the Summer blockbuster.

Big Movies on Big Screens

Actually, the idea of the summer blockbuster came of age in the 1970s.

Movies like Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and of course Star Wars were as big as today’s movies that center around an epic costumed hero.

In those days the blockbuster was even more of a windfall for the theaters than it is now, as fans who wanted to see the movie again and again had no choice but to go back to the theater.

Scale models, robotic cameras, and many other innovative techniques brought these movies to the big screen.

Therefore, lavish character-based movies in realistic settings like Tootsie or When Harry Met Sally continued to be a staple because they were less taxing to make and there was still a perceived difference in production values and viewer quality experience between the theater and standard definition TV.

Today, extensive CGI special effects are common and virtually required if a movie will become a box office hit.

Character-centric movies like A Star is Born, with executive producer Heather Parry and others, seem to be the exceptions, when actors with star power like Lady Gaga can draw people to the theaters.

Big (and Small) Screens at Home

The traditional theater faces two formidable challenges today.

First, modern TVs with 4K video provide an experience that some actually prefer to the theater, even for the blockbusters.

Second, the viewing habits of younger viewers are increasingly fragmented. Many are content to watch on screens as small as their phone.

Because of these facts, character-driven comedy or light drama are increasingly going straight to video.

Given that a lot of viewers browse their phone and look at social media even when they’re watching, there is a lot of pressure for the non-action movie to stand out because subtle plot nuances are lost in the noise of distractions.

It’s difficult to say what all this holds for the future of movies that aren’t about heroes with tights and capes.

If another movie like “Remains of the Day” is made in the future, it’s much more likely to be direct to television.

14 Gifs That Perfectly Showcase Beyonce’s Grammy Homage to Motherhood


By now, most who are in tune with pop culture happenings know that  Beyonce gave a captivating bumpilicious performance at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards that took place at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California last night, February 12th.

Fresh off of the platinum-selling artist’s announcement that she and her husband Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter are expecting twins, the 22-time Grammy-award winning pop star didn’t back down from her commitment to perform LIVE at the show.


It was glorious and showcased a marvelous celebration of the human body in pregnant form by a woman who was the most nominated for the night (9) though took home just two awards for Best Music Video and Best Urban Contemporary Album.

As could be expected, with her being that heavily pregnant and high-risk and all, she took it slow and opted to sing two ballads from her latest album, “Lemonade”: Love Drought” and “Sandcastles.


During the performance, the “Love on Top” singer was draped in gold, flowy yellow fabric, regal chains, an ornate crown and draped with colorful maidens in waiting all outfitted in light slip dresses, tribal neck corsets and goddess braids.  She moved slowly and methodically, sounded breathy at times, probably from the pressure of carrying around two human beings while bringing down the house; and the event featured her mom Tina Knowles and daughter Blue Ivy.


The imagery was reflective of Hindu, African, Orisha and deities and figures, which carried its own controversy and elicited the usual outcry from Christians and the anti-Illuminati crowd.

Though slow and melodious, it was still an impactful performance which really paid homage to motherhood, the birthing process and femininity. The most drama came when the chair at the end of the runway she sat in made a dangerous pivot off the edge. It was enough to have anyone who has ever been pregnant or cared for a pregnant person sit at the edge of her/his own seat, hoping for the best.


Many agreed, she put a lot of trust in that chair and after a couple of sound snafus last night with Adele’s George Michael tribute and the Lady Gaga and Metallica set, I’m not sure I’d be that certain that a snafu wouldn’t go down.

But alas, when you have a squad this wide and deep who has your back, also known as the Beygency, then what can go wrong, right? These gifs from Vulture‘s gif bible provide an excellent showcase capture of the magnificence of the performance.

 There were clear elements of the mutli-armed Hindu goddesses a plenty in case one needed reminder of why she is called Queen.


When you are radiant and ethereal and know it…


 Rising from ashes like a Phoenix…


 But still full of enough swagger to work a runway while balancing the weight on ample birthing hips….


 And with the ground littered with rose petals and flowers to catch your fall just in case…


which won’t be needed when your throne awaits…


 And as the herstory continues…


Your ghost baby hologram throws everyone for a loop…


Yeah…all that!

Gracious and full of gratitude and humility…





Why Lady Gaga Fans Trolled Radio Stations as ‘Soccer Moms’

PicMonkey Collage

Why did Lady Gaga‘s fanatical followers pose as soccer moms to get radio stations to play the long-awaited single from the mega star? Because they can.

The fan site GagaDaily started a campaign to support her by telling Gaga’s stans called monsters that “radio hosts hate homosexuals and stan twitters, it’s a fact”. Therefore, they aimed to create buzz for her new song, “Perfect Illusion“, before it was released. The “Bad Romance” singer’s stans encouraged all the fan site members to create fake accounts to appear like soccer moms.


One post on a private bulletin board suggested to fans: “Make an account with a soccer mom selfie avatar, make your username something like ‘ilovemykids123’ and write a bio about how you have three kids and a husband.”

And so they did!

One member of a private board wrote, like “you will be helping radio DJ’s all over the world think that the GP [general population]is actually living for the song, therefore playing it more often,” the Guardian reported.


Eventually, the radio stations started to pick up on it.

“You don’t need to send the fake soccer mom tweets, @ladygaga fans, you already KNOW we got you! #PerfectIllusion,” Pittsburgh station 96.1 KISS wrote. After all, most of the accounts were created this month. doh!

And for those stations who didn’t know, they could have learned about the contrived excitement when the story got picked up by sites like BuzzFeed and Paper Magazine.

“Numerous ‘soccer mom’ accounts have been set up, all barely a few hours old, with different stories about their daughters/sons/husbands and how much they absolutely MUST hear the new Gaga, or really any Gaga at all,” Buzzfeed reporter Brad Esposito wrote.

It’s been a busy summer for Gaga who recently released a cookbook with her father; confirmed a role in A Star is Born and she also just started filming the latest season of American Horror Story.

National Dog Day: 22 Celebrity Parents and their Dogs

national dog day celeb

We are rounding off the end to a National Dog Day but we wanted to make sure we highlight some of our fave Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums and other celeb features from the past, pictured with their fuzzy four-legged pawed friends.

They include above, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Hayden Panettiere, Kim Kardahsian, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey and Victoria Beckham with their doggy pals.

national dog day 2 - Copy (2)
Olivia Wilde and Paco, P!nk and Elvis and Sienna Miller and Bess.

national dog day1


Dog Owners Dennis Richards, Halle Berry, Bethenny Frankel with Cookie and Nicole Richie.

national dog day 9

Dog Fans Josh Duhamel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Biel, Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford.

national dog day 3
Selma Blair with rescue dog Bess and Lady Gaga with Miss Asia.

Batman138 Bro138 Dolar138 Gas138 Gudang138 Hoki99 Ligaciputra Panen77 Zeus138 Kilat77 Planet88 Gaspol168 Sikat88 Rupiah138 Garuda138 Gacor77 Roma77 Sensa138 Panen138 Slot138 Gaco88 Elanggame Candy99 Cair77 Max7 Best188 Space77 Sky77 Luxury777 Maxwin138 Bosswin168 Cocol88 Slot5000 Babe138 Luxury138 Jet77 Bonanza138 Bos88 Aquaslot Taktik88 Lord88 Indobet Slot69 Paus138 Tiktok88 Panengg Bingo4d Stars77 77dragon Warung168 Receh88 Online138 Tambang88 Asia77 Klik4d Bdslot88 Gajah138 Bigwin138 Markas138 Yuk69 Emas168 Key4d Harta138  Gopek178 Imbaslot Imbajp Deluna4d Luxury333 Pentaslot Luxury111 Cair77 Gboslot Pandora188 Olxtoto Slotvip Eslot Kuy138 Imbagacor Bimabet