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Viral: Woman Delivers Her Own 10lb Baby Driving Down Highway, Husband Films on Go-Pro


A Houston woman was being driven by her husband down Beltway 9 to the Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena, TX and was heavily in labor. That kid, their third, was not interested in waiting out the 45 minute drive.

In the middle of the highway, Lesia Pettijohn birthed a 10 pound baby while her husband, Jonathan Pettijohn,  drove…oh and recorded the entire thing on his Go-Pro. This happened in 2015 and this video has been seen by many and shared on several platforms. The couple made the rounds on local and national television after the video went viral on YouTube.  To this day, many people do not believe it was real.

As for why they posted it on YouTube, Lesia told the TODAY show, “It was mainly just for family and friends, and it just took off. I was really surprised.”

“There are all sorts of reactions. You’ve got people praising us, people trash talking and all sorts of things,” Jon said regarding the response to the video. “We’re just happy we’ve got a son. We really don’t care what people on the Internet say.”

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