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Shahs of Sunset Alum Lilly Ghalichi Mir Births First Child, Then Drops ‘Milf’ brand eyelashes

Former Shahs of Sunset reality TV star Lilly Ghalichi Mir and her husband Dara Mir welcomed their first child together over the weekend.

Alara Mir ❤️ Born 9/30/18,” the eyelash entrepreneur captioned a photo of herself cradling her baby girl with her hubby hugging them both. “Our hearts are so full. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. ”

The ex-attorney also used the opportunity to plug one sixth of her latest eyelash offerings, her “The Living Your Best Life” collection.

“Wearing the ‘MILF’ Lash during delivery by @LillyLashes,” she finished off the caption. Other lashes in the collection are named “Trophy Wife“, “It’s Lit“, “Okurrr” (a signature term used and made popular by fellow Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum rapper Cardi B), “nstafamous” and “Yasss Queen”. All of them are pop culture terms and certainly fitting! I love the packaging and branding!

That’s how you do it.

Ghalichi and Mir got in August 2016 after dating for several months before having a lavish wedding last May 2017 in Beverly HIlls.

Per E!: “They met in an odd way—they were neighbors and didn’t even know it! She sought approval from her condo’s homeowners’ association to obtain an additional parking spot for her Ferrari and he was on the board. After exchanging emails, they met in their building’s lobby. The meeting was recorded on the complex’s security footage.”

Interesting! Congrats!



Lilly Ghalichi Mir Answers Fans in Cute Pregnancy Q & A (VIDEO)

Shahs of Sunset alum Lilly Ghalichi took to Instagram and YouTube to answer some of her fans and followers’ questions about her pregnancy. It was refreshing to me reviewing it to see that the ordinarily extremely svelte attorney was interested in maintaining the curves she’d grow after pregnancy.

Also, her husband told her to embrace the weight gain and pregnancy symptoms because it is a blessing to be a host to a baby.

She also shared her maternity style which really just consists of wearing tube dressed, specifically the  Wolford Fatal Dress in all the colors: red, black and white.

Also, our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Khloe Kardashian sent her a pair of her company Good American’s Maternity Jeans

Finally, on the suggestion of her health practitioner, she fought leg fatigue by wearing Jobst Compression Shocks.

It was also refreshing that she told her audience that there really isn’t any way to avoid getting stretch marks because it is genetic. And she is right, the marks appear sometime in the trimester, or even after.

While you cannot avoid the marks, you could do something to slow down their appearance or make them less visible and for the eyelash entrepreneur relies on Bio Oil that she slathers all over her tummy and everywhere gaining weight and or Tee Tree Oil for hair breakage.

To combat acne and other pregnancy-related face breakouts, Ghalichi turns to Murad Clarifying Mask.

As to the things she avoids, all the things he docs told her: She doesn’t drink alcohol or use nail polish unless it is toxic-free pregnancy-friendly polish. She avoids caffeine and cut out sushi, ignoring friends who said they took the risk and ate sushi but as a first time mom-to-be, Ghalichi says she wasn’t taking the risk.

Cravings was Popsicles and carbs thus her 1 pound per week pregnancy weight gain. At 20 weeks, she has gained 20 pounds and says she is comfortable gaining 40 more because she wants her body to do what it wants and to be the best for her baby girl.

Yes! Very refreshing. She is an ideal mom-to-be, who investigates, research and heeds to all the rules! Bravo!

Check out her maternity style on her archived Insta Story HeRE!

Watch her Q&A HERE: