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Wow! Jack Osbourne’s All Grown Up and is like A SuperDad now!

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I can’t believe the awkward kid that I used to watch on MTV‘s The Osbournes,  the very first Celebrity Family reality TV show in TV history, is like…all grown up and like a dad of two!

I peeped this super adorbs photo of Jack Osbourne‘s 5-month old daughter Andy Rose that his wife Lisa Stelly Osbourne posted on her social media today. It preceded and equally cute pic of the former TV host getting his tosies painted by their first daughter, 3-year old Pearl.

The producer and director and ex Dancing with The Stars alum, grew up before the public eye of non-stop cameras everywhere, suffered through bouts of addiction and eventually was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease my younger sister has, in 2012.

He had experienced symptoms for a number of years including blindness in one eye; numbness in both legs; and problems with his bladder, bowel, and stomach and he injects Copaxone medication daily, uses vitamin supplements and hormone replacement therapy.

Still, he’s beating it like a champ! Go Super dad!

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