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Lesbian woman fired for unwed pregnancy sues Catholic church

Sheaela Evenson (right) and her partner Marilyn Tobin (left) welcomed their baby boy on March 7
The same attorney who got an Ohio teacher fired for an unwed pregnancy a $170,000 jury award is now representing a former Montana Catholic school teacher recently fired for being pregnant while unmarried.
Shaela Evenson filed the lawsuit Thursday alleging the firing violated federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination based on pregnancy.
Evenson was a 9 year veteran teacher and taught 6th to 8th grade literature and physical education at Butte Central Elementary-Junior High School in Helena.  She was fired in January after the Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena received an anonymous letter about her pregnancy.
Evenson became pregnant through artificial insemination and gave birth to a boy on March 7, the first child for Evenson and her partner, Marilyn Tobin.
The district said it fired Evenson for violating the terms of her contract, which required her to practice the tenets of the Catholic faith.
um….I guess Evenson concealed the fact she was a Lesbian to them too, huh? She is in a committed relationship with another woman in a state where same-sex marriage is illegal, and working for an institution that does not believe in same sex marriage. They didn’t see this coming?
Evenson’s lawyer represented Christa Dias who successfully sued the Roman Catholic Cincinnati archdioceses.

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