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EcoFriday: Common Environmental Factors for Infertliity

When struggling with infertility it becomes important to identify and address every possible cause. Physical defects can be detected through medical testing, but the lack of information about environmental causes makes them difficult to solve. Your environment and exposure to toxins, radiation, or pollution can play a vital role in your ability to get pregnant.
Exposure to harmful chemicals or toxins is the most common environmental threat to pregnancy because of our dependency to additives and pesticides. Some pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides can decrease a males sperm count or cause ovarian problems for women if handled directly. Other forms of toxins are cleaning solvents like methylene chloride, often used to strip paint, have proven to be harmful to the reproductive system for both men and women.
It is been well documented and fairly common knowledge that exposure to radiation has a severely negative impact on our ability to reproduce. There are well known exposures to radiation like chemotherapy and getting x-rays, but there are other lesser known forms of exposure that can contribute to female infertility. Non-ionizing radiation, considered by some to be too weak to be harmful, are present in most developed areas. It is advised to weed out as much exposure as possible when you are having trouble conceiving. Radiation at varying levels are present near power lines, fluorescent lights, and other household items like microwaves and electric blankets.
Pollution is largely out of your control, but your exposure to pollution is often determined by your behavior. For instance, running or walking is a very common exercise and an incredibly healthy habit unless you are performing those exercises in an area with lots of air pollution. A positive activity can become negative when introducing toxins into your lungs while exercising. One of the most common forms of air pollution, and the most controllable, is through exposure to second hand smoke.

With this information, hopefully you can monitor these external factors and do your best to minimize them.

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