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Is Aoki Lee What Happens When a Celeb Child Grows Being Called Ugly by Public?

aoki lee and ming lee simmons

Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Simmons plant a kiss on their dad Russell Simmons.

Kimora Lee Simmons first two children, daughters Aoki Lee and  Ming Lee have grown to be beautiful young ladies, but having grown in the overly critical public eye has not been easy. This is especially true considering the overemphasis of beauty for young women and how mean the public can be. Social media has been a blessing and curse for celebrities.

On one hand, it gives them access to fans and helps them prove their brand relevance and importance by enabling them to quantify fans.  It can be used as a tool to keep them famous and relevant. On the other hand, social media make it too easy to get direct contact with people in the public eye and along with the good of being able to show off their  filter-free and authentic selves, celebs also open a window and let in all the insecure, petty, jealous and downright meanies who love to troll and diss them too.

And people do not stop when it comes to commenting on the beauty of a celebrity child.

For example, I was doing some online research recently and bumped into Aoki Lee’s Instagram page. I immediately noticed that she doesn’t ever show her face in any of her photos. Now it could be because she wants to de-emphasize her looks seeing as though she is a self-described historian and coder on her page.

It is a contrast from her sister Ming who is as statuesque as their mom and is perfectly fine flossing and showing off her fab self and her fab life that goes with on her Instagram.

We like to drink tea ☕️ A photo posted by Ming Lee Simmons (@mingleesimmons) on

But then I thought that perhaps Aoki hides her face to shield herself from all the negativity that litters the comment section under celebrity social media pages. It’s the type of stuff that has led many to quit social media.

I remember bumping into a lot of shady comments about Kimora’s daughters’ looks on the gossip blogs.


Thus, there is no wonder some celebs elect to hide their children’s faces from the public. You’ve never even ever seen Kerry Washington or Eva Mendes’ children… ever.

And as I moved over to Ming Lee’s photo, I see that one of the first comments on a really beautiful beach photo comes from a couple of girls calling her ugly and talking bad about her looks.  Most people however reply about her beauty in most of her posts.

And that is a shame that all we care about is the attractiveness of famous people.


A photo posted by JJ Ghatt (@jjghatt) on

It also explains why Beyonce famously shielded her daughter Blue Ivy‘s face when she shared photos of her during her infancy to toddler years. Zoe Saldana is yet to share a photo of her twin boys, Cy and Bowie,  either. Over the pond, singer and TV presenter Rochelle Humes features many snaps of her daughter on Instagram but none of her face.

And those who do like Tia Mowry and Solange Knowles have found themselves having to snap back and put mean trolls in their place who called both their sons ugly, as recently as last year.

Celeb parents can do what they can as long as they can to shield their kids from public scrutiny for as long as possible. It is essential considering the kids never asked for the spotlight. But…the minute they grow into their own and open up their own social media account, they”ll have to face it on their own.

And Aoki’s faceless Instagram page could be an example of one outcome.

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