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7 Last Minute Ways You and Your Kids Can Celebrate the #MLKDay of Service

MLK Day   1.18.2016   Corporation for National and Community Service

Today, Monday, January 18, 2016, is the MLK Day of Service.

A few Hollywood celebrities including our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Kerry Washington took the time today to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr and the service holiday today in his honor.

  1. As the award-winning actress suggest, take some time off today to get the kids the listen to at least one or a snippet of the Civil Rights hero’s famous speeches.



If you didn’t enroll you or your children to participate in one of the  many service activities organized around the nation, there is still time for you and the children to do something kind on their own for their neighbors or fellow man.

Here are a 6 other  suggestions besides watching a speech and reflecting on its meaning:

  1. Take garbage bags down to the town creek or some other littered area near your home and clean it up.
  2. Make sandwiches and pack fruit and a snack into about a few dozen brown bags and pass them to homeless people in the closest town or city to you.

  3. Gather old toys and bag them up to donate to Goodwill or a local family shelter.

  4. Call a local home for the elderly and ask if you can come by and play cards and/or board games with the residents.

  5. Make Homemade colorful Get Well Greetings cards to send to a local children’s hospital/

  6. Make Festive Thank You Cards to send to the local USO to ship off to military serving abroad.

Good luck and Happy MLK Day of Service!