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Top 10 Signs You’re a Kid with Lawyer Parents 


I loved Peyton Price‘s piece in Scarrymommy blog “Lawyer Moms Are The Scariest“. Not only could I relate as a lawyer mom myself but also as to my other lawyer mom friends. I sincerely recall my friend Natasha telling me about not letting her son go on a certain field trip because she wasn’t going to waive her rights away by signing the permission slip. Ha!

Price’s post also reminded me of a funny blog post I published back in 2009 in my first mom blog, “Mischiefmakers” about my life raising my mischievous kids.

It was called “Top 10 signs you might be a Mischiefmaker with two lawyer parents” (my husband is a lawyer too).

 I’m going to repost it here for you guys too!


First family going to church
The First family consists of two lawyers who met while co-workers at a white shoe law firm

This post was inspired when I heard my husband tell our 7 year old son that he had to impose “sanctions” on his lunch!

  1. You come in complaining about your brother hitting you and your mom asks you to state the basis of your complaint.
  2. You’re teasing your baby sister and your dad comes in from the other room and warns you to stop “badgering” your sister.

  3. You break the living room lamp and before your baby brother tattles on you, you know you have to decide whether or not to “plea guilty”

  4. You aren’t told to go to bed, but rather to “adjourn” your playing until tomorrow.

  5. You get your allowance in billable hour increments

  6. When doing your homework and you mess up, your mom makes you “re-draft” it.

  7. When you don’t eat your peanut butter sandwich, your dad tells you he is about to apply sanctions and put in apple slices instead of cookies in your lunch box for the next few days.

  8. You tell your mom “Timmy’s mom lets him eat snacks before dinner” and she tells you Timmy’s mom has no jurisdiction in YOUR house.

  9. You know what the word “mitigating” means and you’re only 4 years old.

  10. You get to get out of the corner early when your dad comes home and issues a “pardon”.