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National Day to Unplug

Tomorrow is National Day of Unplugging which Women Need More, Per Study

Tomorrow, March 3rd,  is the National Day of Unplugging and to no surprise a recent national survey found that women, moreo than men, may need a 24-hour break from their devices.

The survey of 1,000 people conducted on February 14, 2017 revealed that 77% of women and 68% of men spend 3 hours or more per day on their computer, phone, or tablet.

Also, half of women and 41% of men spend 5 hours or more per day looking at a screen.

The three most interesting insights the survey discovered:

#1: When I have down time, I spend it on my phone, computer, or tablet (35%)

#2: I spend more time interacting with people online than I do in person (13%)

#3: I feel like I’m addicted to my phone (13%)

Is it any surprise that most Americans spend over three hours a day on their devices?

Shockingly, 75% of those surveyed admitted to this fact, and close to half (48%) said they spend almost 5 hours or more per day.

Then there is the hopelessly addicted: the 13% who say they spend 10 hours or more on a screen! Wow!

And most of the screen time is spent in bed.

The research showed that for 58% of Americans, their bed is the most popular place to check their phone, be it when waking up (32%) or when going to sleep (26%).

Here is how the top 5 broke down:

#1: When I wake up (32%)

#2: When I’m in bed going to sleep (26%)

#3: On work breaks (20%)

#4: In the bathroom (10%)

#5: On my morning commute (4%)

And the devices they’re using while in bed is;

#1: Smartphone (76%)

#2: Computer (17%)

#3: Tablet (7%)

And here is a twist. While it would seem that women care more about “likes” than men, the survey showed that actually men care slightly more

While 5% of women say they closely monitor how many “likes” they get on social media, compared to 7% of men who say the same.

Who knew. We hope you take some time tomorrow to unplug.