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Report: Parents Are Ditching the Name ‘Alexa’ For Their Baby Girls

alexa amazon echo device

alexa amazon echo device

According to recent data, Amazon‘s Alexa-enabled virtual assistant device is causing parents in the UK and America to abandon it a choice for their baby’s name, the UK Telegraph reports.

The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the number of girls born in England and Wales in 2018 and named Alexa has reduced by more than 50% since 2017.

Nick Stripe, from the ONS, said: “We’ve seen a similar pattern in the American baby names data, so something must be going on.

“It has dropped by more than 50%, so I think there is probably evidence of a link.”

Although only 301 girls were given the name in 2017, the number fell to 118 in 2018.

Can you blame the parents? Who wants their baby named after a robot who too many people abuse with silly queries?! Ha!