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Kerry Washington Is Not Interested in Hiding Her baby Bump Taping Scandal Again

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Kerry Washington didn’t appreciate all the ridiculous things she had to do to hide her pregnant belly while taping Scandal when she was pregnant with her daughter Isabelle Asomugha in 2013. This time, pregnant with her second child with her ex-NFLer husband Nnamdi Asomugha, she has told producers she won’t be returning until after she has delivered her baby.

I don’t blame her. The tricks and shenanigans executed by the production crew was the subject of a few humorous pieces by TVGuide.com, PEOPLE, E!Online, US Weekly and several other sites that jumped on the bandwagon.

Last time, her pregnancy shortened the season by 4 episodes. This times, it looks like it will shorten it by 12.

photo: Courtesy ABC

Top 10 Most Common Baby Names of 2014: Only 3 celeb kids have one

The list of most popular US baby names of 20141 is out and surprise, surprise, most of the celebrities who had babies last year didn’t give their children any of the names on this list:

 for boys:

1) Noah

2) Liam

3) Mason

4) Jacob

5) William

6) Ethan

7) Michael

8) Alexander

9) James

10) Daniel

And for girls:

1) Emma

2) Olivia

3) Sophia

4) Isabella

5) Ava

6) Mia

7) Emily

8) Abigail

9) Madison

10) Charlotte

Of several dozen celebrity baby names that Nameberry tracked, only ones among the top ten were Stacy Keibler’s, daughter Ava Grace; Tila Tequila’s baby Isabella Monroe; and Kerry Washington and  Nnamdi Asomugha’s daughter Isabella Amarachi a variation of Isabelle.

The rest gave their kids super unique names like:

Haven, Bodhi, Willow,River, Harper,Annabel, Cai, Fianna, Philomena, Booker, Apollo,

Hunter, Buzz, Pemma, Mars, Jaxon, Maxim, Future, Elijah, Royal, Rylen, Giovanna, Simcha,

Declan, Zhuri, Charlton, Titan, Lazer, Konrad, Bria, Zinzee, Aman, Delta and Genesis

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