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Summer Hair: Ombre Styling and Maintenance Tips

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Ombre hair is still a go-to hair style for the summer.  The hair coloring style trend, which features gradually lightened hair from root to tip, has been seen on many celebs, on runways and in fashion mags.

Our partners at Glamazon have tips on how to maintenance Ombre hair if you dare go this  fun, yet slightly high-maintenance, route this Spring or Summer:
While ombre hair isn’t as high maintenance or as tough on your roots as dying all of your hair a single hue, you still need to treat your tresses with TLC. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you keep your ombre hair looking fab at all times.
Do…Deep Condition and Keep Hair Moisturized
Just because all of your hair wasn’t dyed, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take heed to the fact that a portion of your hair has been processed and needs care. Since ombre hair usually entails going from dark to light, the use of bleach or other chemicals will probably be used. You should deep condition hair at least once a week to keep the color looking fresh and to keep hair shiny and strong. Breakage is definitely no bueno!


Do…Use the right product
You still need to use products that are for color-treated hair with the ombre look. Usually it’s best to use a sulfate-free product that says it’s for color-treated hair. Regular products can be too harsh and strip the hair of essential oils, leaving it brittle and dry.



Do…Remember That Dirty Hair Is Good… For Coloring
Although, it could be safer and yield better results by consulting a professional, if you’re a DIY beauty girl (I absolutely am), try not to wash your hair directly before coloring it. Our scalp produces natural oils that can actually help protect it from damage.


Don’t…be lazy
Just because you won’t have to touch up your roots as often, you do get a green light to just let your hair go. You still need to have regular touch-ups (depending on the permanency of the color it’s essential to get a touch-up every 5-6 months). It’s not haute to have scraggly, fried ends with unkempt dark roots.
Don’t…forget the color change has to be gradual.
Make sure the jump from a dark hue to a lighter shade isn’t too abrupt (like Ciara‘s). The way Keke Palmer‘s dark locks flow into a lighter hue is perfect.