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O’Zell Gloriana De Green Simon

Internet Star GloZell’s Reveals Her Surrogate Miscarried Second Baby


After being told by several doctors that she would never have children, celebrity YouTube vlogger GloZel Green and her husband used a surrogate who successfully got pregnant and carried their first child to term in 2016.

Green and her husband Kevin Simon welcomed daughter O’Zell Gloriana De Green Simon  via surrogate on August 2015.


Coming off the back of that success, the 45 year old Internet comedian, most famous forever signature green lipstick, recently announced this past January that her same surrogate, Shawna Johnson, a married mom of two, was pregnant with another baby.


Sadly though, on Valentine’s Day, GloZell discovered that Shawna was going to miscarry. It turns out her HCG hormone levels that are supposed to double every few days as a sign of a healthy pregnancy did not increase but had been lessening, she explained on a YouTube video posted on the video curation site Awestruck a few weeks ago.

With her infant daughter in hand, GloZell announced that the surrogate was miscarrying slowly because she had been taking medication to help sustain a fertilized embryo that had been implanted in her uterus.  Despite the fact that GloZell was adamant about not going through the surrogate process if there was a failure, Johnson insisted that said she wanted to try again and therefore the journey to bay #2 continues. That’s so awesome!

Godspeed to the (hopefully growing) family.

photos: courtesy GloZell