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The Moment This ‘Parenthood’ Star Accidentally Revealed Her Baby’s Gender

Parenthood alum Erika Christensen had planned to keep the gender or her second child private but that is until she accidentally spilled the beans at an even this weekend.

While attending the Vanity Fair and Max Mara Celebrate Alexandra Shipp, ‘2018 Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future’ Award recipient event on June 12thChristensen first told reporters she was not planning to share the baby’s sex but got carried away chatting about her firstborn daughter 2-year old Shane that she ended up revealing the secret accidentally.

“My mom got her a T-shirt that says, ‘Big sister.’ She seems to grasp that there’s a baby in here. She’s giving the baby some kisses. Hopefully, the little one will learn a lot from her sister,” Christensen said before realizing her slip up. “Oh, well, there you go.”


The Clover actress added about her husband Cole Maness reaction to growing the family.

“He’s very excited. He’s extremely in love with our girl,” she said. “He’s very excited to kind of see what the family expansion means for us.”

cool! congratst!

Actor Michael Ealy reveals he and wife had secret baby

While promoting his latest film About Last Night which opens today on the Steve Harvey Show, hunky actor Michael Ealy revealed for the first time publicly that he is already a father.
Ealy, who stars in the 1986 Rob Lowe/Demi Moore chick flick remake, replied to Harvey’s question about married life replied, “We have a son.”
“I never understand why people announce the birth of their children,” the actor who currently stars in the action TV show Almost Human added. 
Um… because there is a very active, alive and interested following of people who love and follow these things, son. ugh!
Ealy and wife Khatira Rafiqzada quietly married in October 2012 to no fanfare and announcement so  it should come as no surprise. 
Not to name drop but to name drop, I was born the same year as Ealy and attended college with him at the University of Maryland at the same time and vividly remember him hanging out in our student union building. He is close friends with some of my friends. He was a very quiet character back then too so…. 
Congrats! Aint parenthood grande? And yes, he told Steve that it has changed him tremendously. 
Awwww. Ealy starred in the hit movie Act Like a Man Think Like a Woman which was an adaptation of Harvey’s best selling book. Loved Sleeper Cell, the Showtime mini-series which earned Ealy a Golden Globe nomination in playing an undercover cop who thwarts a major terrorist plot.
About Last Night  also stars Joy Bryant (who I LOVE and who starts in one of my favorite shows Parenthood) and the “it” comedian and star  Kevin Hart.

Just leaving THIS here in case you’d like to stalk Ealy videos on YouTube promoting the movie and previous projects.

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