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Pepole magazine Kristin Cavallari article about goat’s milk

PEOPLE deletes its Post Highlighting Anti-Vaxxer Kristin Cavallari’s Baby Feeding Advice

Kristin Cavallari  I Only Feed My Baby  Real  Organic Ingredients    Great Ideas   People.com

MTVs Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari is infamously known for deciding to not vaccinate her children out of fear that vaccines lead to autism. The TV host, shoe designer and new autobiographer recently released her new book “Balancing in Heels where she shares an inside look at her life balancing motherhood with life as a celebrity.

But it is the insight into her choice of baby formula that is causing alarm.

Cavallari, who is married to Chicago Bears veteran quarterback Jay JCutler, said in her book that her children are allergic to cow’s milk.  PEOPLE magazine did a write up on Cavallari’s book and highlighted the part where she shared that she fed her newborn baby goat’s milk/

Here is a cached grab of the article which upset many readers because the decision goes counter to what most doctors recommend for babies that young:

Kristin Cavallari  I Only Feed My Baby  Real  Organic Ingredients    Great Ideas   People.com2

The comment section to the article was bombarded with responses by those echoing that pediatricians and other physicians recommend: that babies who are not breastfed be supplemented with iron rich cow’s milk-based formula; and that goat’s milk is actually dangerous to give a baby.

The outcry forced PEOPLE to take down the post, the Friendly Atheist blog reported.  To PEOPLE’s defense, a  cached version of the articles shows that it did include a quote from physicians.


It was a wise decision given the influencer status of Cavallari and the risk that other new mothers could possibly follow in her footsteps and do the same for their babies.