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Election Day: Why you should take your kid to the polls

Today is midterm elections in the United States. 
All eligible and registered voters should vote and parents should, if feasible, take their kids along to the ballot box.
Many schools are off today as their buildings are used as polling places so there is nothing stopping you from schlepping them along if you are off too. 
It sends a signal to your offsprings the importance of civic participation. 
It also let’s them know the power of democracy and of exercising approval or disapproval of the way your city, town, village, state or country is run.

Let them wear your “I Voted” sticker to school the next day. It could spark a conversation with their teacher or other kids about the process. They can share what it was like to go vote. 
Let your child be an advocate for being a good civic citizen and ambassador for democracy. 
All of it helps them realize the world and their place in it is larger than the personal issues they deal with at home and at school. 
It’s all a part of growing good and conscientious children.  
Go vote and take your babies!!