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Pregnant woman with flu dies after delivery, Another with flu miscarries

For the second time in one week, a pregnant woman suffered a fatality because of the flu. 
This month, a Florida woman in her 20s who was suffering from the flu, delivered her baby then died when she was unable to be revived. Doctors removed her from life support, a doctor at Merritt Island Walk-in Clinic said. 
It’s become a pandemic in that state and nationwide.
Also last week, another pregnant woman, a 29-year old Arkansas woman fell ill with the flu and then wounded up losing her baby at 21 weeks when her lungs collapsed and she fell into a coma.
The husband of the woman, Leslie Creekmore, in a coma for two weeks, said doctors told him her body had to choose. 
She could have died as the woman in Florida. 
Neither woman  had gotten the flu shot. Leslie’s doctor had recommended she not get the shot so early in her pregnancy.  That advice cost her a baby anyway.
“We’re doing what we can to convince some folks to go and get the flu shot already, Chris Creekmore said.