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pregnant with coronavirus

VIRAL: Pregnant Mom with COVID-19 Warns Revelers to Stay Home

pregnant mom with coronavirus

pregnant mom with coronavirus


A 39-year old mom-to-be in the UK mom, stricken with the coronavirus delivered a sobering message to her fellow humans who insist on going out socially, and ignoring calls from the government to social distance and stay home.

Karen Mannering, who is 26 weeks pregnant, shared in a story on the Storyful app that because of the deadly disease, she has pneumonia in both lungs, has been ill for two weeks and is fighting for her life and the life of her unborn baby.

In between sniffles while crying, the wife and mom of three urged people to say home, said: “If you’re going to meet your friends for a stupid beer … you’re going to take this home and you’re gonna kill someone, one of your family members.”