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P!nk and Logic Gave the Most Impactful Speeches at the MTV VMAs WATCH!

As usual during Awards shows, artists use their time and platform to espouse messages to their audience. Last night’s MTV VMAs is no stranger to being used as a conduit to deliver news.

Last night, P!nk and hip hop artist Logic, in our opinion delivered the two of the most impactful remarks.

P!nk while accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award spoke of her 5-year old daughter who needed a self-esteem boost recently.

“If I may tell you a quick story,” Pink began her acceptance speech relaying a recent exchange with her daughter.

“‘Momma, I’m the ugliest girl I know,'” Pink said her daughter told her one day. “I said, huh? She was like, ‘I look like a boy with long hair.’ My brain went to, oh my God you’re six, where is this coming from?” Pink said.

“I didn’t say anything. Instead I went home and made a PowerPoint presentation for her. In that presentation were androgynous rockstars and artists that live their truth and are probably made fun of everyday of their life and carry on and wave their flag and inspire the rest of us,” she said before naming famous androgynous musicians like Annie Lennox, Prince, George Michael, Elton John, and Michael Jackson. 

She then ended her tale with a powerful statement. “We don’t change—we take the gravel in the shell and make a pearl,” she said. “We help other people to change to see more kinds of beauty. Thank you for being your true selves and lighting the way for us,” she wrapped up before giving props to other celebs in the audience.

“You my darling girl are beautiful and I love you,” she said to her daughter, who was in the crowd.

This speech also explains why she and her family were dressed in oversized pin stripe suits, a hat tip to androgyny.  Kudos to her for being so present and responsive.


Also, new artist Logic sang his hit song “1-800-273-8255“, which is the national Suicide Prevention Hotline number, and was joined on stage towards the end by a few dozen people of all races, persuasion, and background who have attempted suicide in the past.

The front of their shirts had the number and the back read, “you are not alone.” It was powerful because you could see yourself represented among those people and that sends a powerful message that suicide impacts everyone.

We also found Logic’s plea for acceptance and tolerance much needed, especially in today’s heated political climate.

“I just want to take a moment right now and thank you all so much for giving me a platform to talk about something that mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about,” he said. “Mental health, anxiety, suicide, depression and so much more that I talk about on this album. From racism, discrimination, sexism, domestic violence, sexual assault and so much more.”

The hip hop artist called his fans to take action on achieving equality.

“I don’t give a (expletive) if you’re black, white or any color in between. I don’t care if you’re Christian, you’re Muslim, you’re gay, you’re straight — I’m gonna fight for your equality because I believe that we are all born equal, but we are not treated equal and that is why we must fight. We must fight for the equality of every man, woman and child regardless of race, religion, color, creed and sexual orientation.”

Watch both below:

Heart Failure Takes Life of TV Dad Alan Thicke Weeks After TV Mom Florence Henderson


We lost another celebrity, TV dad Alan Thicke to the vicious year 2016 which has already taken Prince, David Bowie, Mohammed Ali, Alan Rickman, John Glenn,  Natalie Cole, Florence Henderson, Gwenn Ifill, Tommy Ford, Gary Shandling, Glenn Frey and others.

Thicke suffered a heart attack in California while playing ice hockey with his 19  year old son, Carter. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He is survived from by his wife Tanya, his famous entertainer and singer son Robin Thicke and another son Brennan.

A few weeks prior, on Thanksgiving Day, famous TV mom Florence Henderson, who played “Carol Brady” on the 1970s TV sitcom The Brady Bunch also passed away from heart failure.

Thicke and his ex wife Days of Our Lives actress and singer Gloria Loring are credited for penning lots of great sitcom jingles including the ones to Diff’rent Strokes, Facts of Life and Growing Pains.

Thicke went on to appear in numerous television shows and films, often appearing as himself on such series as How I Met Your Mother.

Recently, he appeared on Netflix‘s Fuller House, a reboot of another 1980s sitcom, featuring Bob Saget and Kirk Cameron‘s real-life sister, Candace Cameron Bure. Some of the last tweets on Thicke’s Twitter account referenced the show.

Many of us grew up with Thicke on his 7-year run show and also from the various game shows he hosted.Today, a lot of his past and present co-stars and fellow industry associates shared their condolences and wishes in social media.

A few weeks ago with my great, lovely friend for 35 years, the hilarious Alan Thicke. Will miss you dearly.

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My Superfan Tribute to the late GREAT Prince Rogers Nelson

(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

I am an 80s kid and I was introduced to Prince when his career was just popping off.

I was, of course, too young to be listening to his music which had adult themes. I really didn’t understand most of it anyway. I just thought he was cute and I loved his look and the sound.

When I was in elementary school, I tricked my immigrant parents into taking me to see “Purple Rain” at the movie theater. They weren’t too knowledgeable about the ratings standards and had no clue it was Rated R. Oh yeah, my 6 year old sister came along too. They thought it was a musical. ooops!

It didn’t take too long for them to realize the musical drama and love story about a troubled aspiring musician and band leader playing the competitive music scene in Minneapolis  was too grown for their kids.

Luckily for me, they didn’t make me leave during the risque scenes but rather told me to cover my eyes with my poncho.

My dad enjoyed the film and therefore I didn’t get punished afterwards either.

The 11-year old me was blown away! Not only did I think Prince was super cute, but I loved the energy of his music and even at that tender age, I could sense there was something magical and special about him. He had a certain mystique, a je nai c’est quoi, if you will.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 27:  Musician Prince performs onstage at the 2006 BET Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on June 27, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 27: Musician Prince performs onstage at the 2006 BET Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on June 27, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

I loved every single on that Purple Rain Album and much of his subsequent records even after he left The Revolution and formed other bands and collaborated with other stars like Sheila E, Sheila Easton, Vanity, and others.

I grew up listening to his music and after I got my first job at 7-Eleven a few years later, I could finally afford to buy his cassettes and play them back on my tape deck.

My baby sister and I would dance to his tunes in front of the mirror at home and would sit and wait for someone to order up his videos on the Video Music Jukebox on the weekend when my parents went to work. We rocked to him when his videos would come on MTV or we’d hear him on the radio.

I don’t know which one of his songs is my favorite. I think “Kiss” is up on the list as is “Pop Life” and “Raspberry Beret” and “Alphabet Street” and “U Got that Look” and “Hot Thang”  and “If I was Your Girlfriend“. The list goes on and on.

Eventually, I’d go to college and one day after getting a job, I’d get a chance to join his official fan club and land a coveted floor (3rd row reserved for Fan Club members) seat during his concert stop at the then MCI Arena in Washington, DC. I swear there were a few moments during his set that he and I made eye contact and connected.


Whether it (the eyes connecting part) happened for real or not, I was so happy to be in that moment, absorbing the essence of a true performer, one who could play multiple instruments, command a stadium, seduce thousands of women at the same time, all while balancing on a pair of 5 inch boots!

There will be no other performer like Prince in this or any future generation because he was/is irreplaceable.

As one of his SUPER FANS, I am still in shock of the news that he has passed away. I am grateful however, that he leaves a wonderful anthology of great music (including some yet to be released to the public which I intend to get whenever they become available).



Thank you, Prince Rogers Nelson. You played the soundtrack to many of our lives. Thank you for the music, the memories and the nostalgia that will be with us forever.

Rest in Paradise, dead friend in my head. Love you!

images: Warner Brothers, WikiCommons, Screencapture Youtube

And his first hit which I loved dearly was “I Wanna Be Your Lover”. Check it out here!