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Princess Charlene of Monaco confirms she is having twins

Princess Charlene of  Monacao announced that she and Prince Albert are expecting twins later this year.
The former South African Olympic swimmer will birth the first set of heirs to the throne from Prince Albert. 
He has two adult children, 22-year-old daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and 11-year-old son Alexander Coste, but because each were each born out of wedlock, they do not qualify in the royal lineage.
The couple married in 2011 and Princess Charlene has long said she wanted children of her own but that it was “in God’s hands,” she told Vanity Fair. 
Prince Albert is the eldest son of Princess Grace. 

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Prince Albert is expecting first child eligible to inherit throne since his out-of-wedlock prior kids aren’t

Congratulations to Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco on the news this past Friday that the royal couple are expecting their first child together since marrying in 2011.
The royal family confirmed that the former Olympic swimmer from South Africa and the eldest son of Prince Rainier and the late Princess Grace will welcome their baby by year’s end.
This will be Albert’s third child, but only this baby will be in line for the throne since Albert’s other two children, daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and son Alexandre Coste were born out of wedlock from previous relationships and cannot be heirs to the throne.

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