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VA mom has 3 boys 3 years in a row on same day w/out being induced (VIDEO)

A Virginia mom just gave birth on March 13, 2015 to her third son in a row, each born on March 13 of the previous year.
After having three girls, Shalonda Dominique and her husband wanted to try for a boy and they couldn’t believe their luck to be successful and have each kid share the same birthday. 
Her 2-year old son Tre, born March 13, 2013, has spent each of his birthdays welcoming baby brothers into the world. His 1-year old brother Santana was born on March 13, 2014 and his newest baby brother, Harlem, arrived last Friday the 13th in March. Not a bad date after all even though Dominique tells the news station that she had a tough labor.
All babies came “naturally” without being induced and were each born vaginally. 
Maybe it’s a case of the power of suggestion.
“The whole pregnancy, I kept saying, ‘Watch this baby come out on the 13th. Watch him have the same birthday,” she told FOX 5 DC.
She and the entire fam were shocked to learn it did happen again. They beat the odds.
“After my three girls, I said, ‘I have to have a boy, and then I got three of them with the same birthday!” 
Her daughters, Trinity, Monet and London, are happy to have their own special birthdays but also agree six is enough.
Dominique says the family plan to celebrate birthdays next year.
“No more kids,” she says. 
Ha! We hear that!


photo: Fox/Dominique

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