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VIRAL: Watch this Awesome GPS Surprise Pregnancy Announcement


Pregnancy announcements are getting more and more creative. One of the more innovative one was a recent reveal to a grandmom by Siri! Well, really the GPS navigation system in a family car.


In a now viral video, the future first time grandmom is in the passenger seat with her daughter is in the back, and her daughter’s boyfriend or husband is driving.

Vlogger Rachel Earls and her husband with her mom have stopped the car as the GPS suddenly begins to make an announcement.

“Attention all passengers, pardon the interruption.”

Mom and her daughter instantly express their shock, but are equally amazed at the GPS system being so personal.

“Exclamation mark. Due to the baby on board, please be extra careful.”

Shock turns to excitement!

“Congratulations, you are a grandmother. P.S. I think you should name your child Siri,” the GPS says, referring to the famous iPhone program.

Instantly, the three of them break into excited and happy screams and laughs, with Mom yelling “Are you serious! Are you serious! Oh my God, are you serious?!” and clutching her daughter’s hand.

A dash camera captured the entire moment and the rest is viral history! WATCH!