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Study: White and Hispanic Women are happier during pregnancy; Black Women Not

 A new study suggests that Black women of all socioeconomic backgrounds are least likely to be happy about being pregnant, while White and Hispanic women are.  

Hamilton College economics professors Stephen Wu and Paul Hagstron analyzed Centers for Disease Control‘s Behaviorial Risk Factor Surveillance System data of more than 300,000 women between 2005 and 2009.  The survey asked participants if they were pregnant at the time and if so, if they were happy.
Both white and Hispanic women reported boosts in happiness during pregnancy, while the black women did not. This was the case for low, middle and upper income black women. 
 “Something about being a child of color, or having to raise a child of color, increases the risk” of not being as happy, director of the Institute for Research on Women, Gender and Sexuality at Columbia University Alondra Nelson (who wasn’t involved in the study) told Time magazine.
Wu hypothesized the reason for the discrepancy may have to do with the fact that black women lack social and emotional support when pregnant. 
“Both white and Hispanic women reported enjoying more attention and help from their family and community while expecting, while black women actually reported receiving less support,” the Time piece noted.
The reason for the conclusion perhaps is that black women who were married and living with their spouse or partner at the time reported being more happier than those not. 
Finally, Nelson also pointed to “sociological data which suggest that black children, especially black males, are at higher risk than those of other races – of being victims of crime, of being incarcerated, of being discriminated, and of living potentially unhappy lives.”
She added, “that may be a reason to have a more tempered response to raising a black child in this environment.” 
Interesting. What are your thoughts?

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