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Review: Skindinavia’s The Makeup Primer Spray keeps your face flawless all night

Our friends at Skindinavia sent us a complimentary sample of their first product launched in 5 years since the company was created: A make-up primer spray.  Apparently Lady GaGa  uses the company’s finishing spray on tour so I was excited to give the new product, which only launched last May, a try. 
It came just in time as I was heading off to an event where I was judging a student app competition and learned last minute the event would be recorded. That meant I too could possibly have been photographed or videotaped and ended up online somewhere. Yikes! I usually try to keep public photos offline or to a minimum but when it’s out there, I have to look halfway decent.
I already  know the importance of primers as a base for make up application and realize the right primer can do wonders for helping your make-up job look flawless, last longer and delineate creasing and fading as the day or night wears on. 
First, here is how my face generally looks unfiltered and without any make-up on:
Before heading to the event, I scoped some YouTube DIY make up tutorials for a natural matte look. 
I started the application by spraying on the silicone- and paraben-free spray that the company says is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and a proprietary temperature-control technology  (see how it works here) to limit and neutralize shine, I suppose.
I used the spray as a base, then added blush, powder, bronzer, natural lip color, mascara and eye liner for a fresh summer look. My makeup job was so-so (I’m an amateur after all) but the primer helped give it a polished look. 
No wonder it got so much rave reviews from Essence, Allure, Vogue, Lucky and the TODAY show
Here is the final look with no photo filters used to enhance or edit the image:
The event I attended lasted from 5pm to 10pm at night (five hours) and by its end, although some of my make up had worn off, my skin  still looked pretty smooth and flawless, most likely because the primer had done its job.  
Here is how it looked at the end of the night from a selfie I took in my car:
From its own tests and surveys, the  company notes that the primer reportedly “soothes redness, prevents breakouts and controls the appearance of oil, evens out skin tone and reduces large pores.”
Good stuff! I will be using this product all summer! 
If you want your own, check out the website.  Prices start at $25.00 but  if you want to keep your face looking smooth and made up for the night, it’s worth the investment for sure. 

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