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Viral: Bump Comparison Photo builds Awareness that Every Woman’s Pregnancy is Different

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A photo of Australian fitness model Chontel Duncan and her friend, Natalie Smith,  who are just 5 weeks apart in their pregnancy has gone viral. Duncan shared the photo so her fans could see that every woman’s pregnancy is different and each carry in their own unique way.

“An[d] this is where it all began… Two ladies 4-5weeks apart in their pregnancies, both super happy & healthy, loving their journeys, embracing the changes & proud to share their growing bumps! #pregnant #expectingmums #happiness #babybumps #growing @hiit_australia @bph_14” Duncan captioned the Instagram photo.


I was surprised with a cute visit today from a friend Nat who is also expecting ? Just being able to see someone in the flesh, rub her tummy, hear how incredible her journey has been so far, how healthy baby is & all the fun talk about kicks, food, names etc was beautiful. This is Nat’s 3rd pregnancy so she had a lot of great advice to share ☺️ It’s very clear in this photo just how tall I am, I mean my chin sits above Nat’s head lol We worked out that we are 4 weeks apart, so our little ones will be the same age, same grade at school and potential best buds hehehehe….. Nat’s due start of March & I’m due end of March. Each women carries different and this most certainly doesn’t mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy etc. We both have healthy growing babies & we both have had incredible pregnancies so far, feeling amazing & full of energy. #21.5weeks #expecting #march2016 #pregnant #love #happiness #Babyduncan

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The photo went viral last week with commenters and readers using it to rail against bump bullying.  Yes “baby bump bullying” is a thing. It is where people online (or in person) chide women for the size of their bumps. Usually, a person insinuates the belly is so big that she may be carrying twins or ask if a woman is further along in her pregnancy than she is based on what they perceive is a huge belly.  A lot of it is well-meaning, but still, it can be insulting and hurtful.

With the new attention to her page because of the viral photo, Duncan has since had to deal with criticism about photos of her rigorous workouts during her s second trimester.

The Queensland fitness fanatic said she has decided to use the extra attention to show others how active pregnancy can be.

She told TODAY show: “Once it became clear to me how foreign it was to see a pregnancy performed like mine, it did get me thinking. Maybe I should continue to document my pregnant because it seems that we are misled to believe that we are more fragile than we really are.”

The common advice from doctors is that you can be as active as you were before pregnant with some modifications and after consultation with a doctor.

Carrie Underwood dishes on her pregnancy on TODAY (VIDEO)

On Friday’s TODAY, Carrie Underwood dished on how excited and geeked she is about becoming a mom soon.

 “It’s kinda weird, to be honest,” she said about being pregnant “sometimes I’ll be with my husband and I’ll be like ‘I’m gonna be a mom and you’re gonna be a dad – Is this real life???'” The country star went on to say, “but we’re really excited.”

SEE the complete video below:

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Chelsea Clinton steps down from $600K NBC journalism gig

Mom-to-be Chelsea Clinton announced to People magazine on Friday that she is stepping down from her cushy $600,000 a year gig as a special correspondent to NBC in order to prepare for becoming a parent this fall with husband Marc Mezvinsky.
Clinton will stay on at her dad’s Clinton Foundation where she works on climate change, economic development, global health and women empowerment initiatives. The  has traveled numerous times to Africa to introduce sustaining projects there for local communities.
The Oxford PhD holder raised some eyebrows when she started at NBC about 3 years ago because despite her advance degrees, she had very little practical journalism experience. Nonetheless, during her time at NBC groups she covered like Arkansas-based TOPPS program, for example, raised $300,000 after Clinton covered their work to filling “the hunger, education and safety gaps for kids of all ages” in the community.
Before getting hired, Clinton worked at McKinsey & Company and the Avenue Capital Group
The couple have chosen to not find out the gender of the baby, who her mom potential 2016 US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been waiting on for years. 
Last year, Chelsea told TODAY she planned to start trying to get pregnant after she became devastated over the death of her maternal grandmother. 

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Savannah Guthrie welcomes daughter, Vale

Congratulations to TODAY co-host and legal correspondent Savannah Guthrie on the birth of her daughter, Vale Guthrie Feldman yesterday, Wednesday August 13.

She and her husband Mike Feldman, who only married this past March, welcomed the new addition, which Guthrie tweeted about later:

Matt Lauer told the TODAY show crew that “Vale is an old English word meaning ‘valley by a stream,'” and that “they named her that because she was so calm and serene – until 10 o’clock last night.”


She also joked about the first photos shared on Twitter above, “The baby is more cheek than head.”

So funny! Congrats!

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Fathers petition for more changing tables in public facilities

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were out to eat celebrating my Kindergartner’s graduation at a Peri Peri restaurant in Maryland. At some point, I had to use the restroom and bumped into a dad in line with his daughter in his carrier who asked me to check if there was a changing table in the women’s bathroom because there wasn’t one in the men’s bathroom and he desperately needed to change a diaper. Unfortunately, the one in our bathroom was out of order, but he bemoaned how, as a full-time dad whose wife works, he has that problem at public accommodations whenever he goes out with his 6 month old daughter.
I recalled the incident after seeing a TODAY show feature on a friend’s Facebook page about other dads’ crusade to change the status quo when it comes to public men’s bathrooms accommodating modern fathers. It quotes blogger Greg Allen of Daddy Types blog and his effort to chronicle all the men’s rooms with changing tables in New York City,  beginning when his first kid was born 10 years ago.
“Changing tables generally, and in men’s rooms specifically, are now seen as normal; they’re not just for toy stores anymore,” Allen told TODAY. “Dads will be just as likely as anyone to expect a changing table in the restroom.”
Times are indeed changing.  A TODAY survey of 1,000 dads revealed that 54% change diapers compared to the 37% who said their own dads changed diapers. A recent government study found that, these days, 90% of dads who live with their children say they bathe, diaper, or dress their children every day or several times a week.
Some of the more progressive jurisdictions and states, like California, are actually making moves toward “potty parity” with legislation that would require equal access to diaper changing tables for men and women.
Two bills in California mandating equal access to changing stations passed the state Senate and are awaiting hearings in the state Assembly. San Francisco, California, The City of Pittsburgh and Miami Dade County in Florida requires some new and remodeled businesses, like movie theaters, sports arenas and large restaurants, to have baby changing stations accessible to men and women. 
But beyond government piece meal, private businesses can certainly make the accommodations on their own and should be considering the changing demo or involved dads.
It’s time the public accommodations caught up with the times. 

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