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woman surprises husband with in flight pregnancy announcement

Viral Video: Woman surprises Husband with Pre-Flight Pregnancy Announcement



airline pregnancy announcement

A Pennsylvania woman surprised her husband with an airplane pregnancy announcement with the help of airline personnel recently.  On a flight to visit friends with her husband Eric, Lisa Sadiwnyk took two pregnancies in the airplane restroom, both which turned up positive. Having the strength of being able to keep a secret, Sadiwnyk didn’t tell Eric but instead contacted the airline crew and asked them to help her announce the pregnancy during the flight home.

Once on the plane home, the pilot came on the PA and asked the other passengers to get their cameras ready.

“We’ll have a little fun here,” the pilot’s message began.

“I’d like to turn your attention to seat 29-E where you’ll find Eric who is traveling with his wife Lisa,” the message continued.

That’s when Eric turned to his wife with a shocked look at his face.

“Well Eric, although you didn’t strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did strike the jackpot,” the pilot said. “Congratulations! You’re about to be a dad.”

As passengers clapped, Eric smiled and leaned in to kiss his wife.

His wife gave a big “thank you” to the crew for helping to pull off the surprise.

Just as the video came to an end, you could see Eric wipe away a tear.

Check it out  the video here which Lisa posted on her Facebook page.  This happened on the American Airlines Flight 607  on January 13, 2016 but she probably had to wait for the requisite 3-month period before posting the video which has gone viral.

h/t  Fox 8 News