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Trend: Coordinated Family Fashion Instagram Accounts

You might have heard of Mommy and Me fashion, but over on Instagram, a relatively new trend has emerged: Family and Me, curated accounts featuring families in coordinated clothing.

It’s a totally family affair.

Like Maya Abor and her girls…

And the Military family behind 4Mama Meets Model…




Just when we thought our absolute fave was Dominique the blogger and photographer behind the site “All That Is She” who includes pics of her daughters in her stream using the magic of photoshop and other creative post-photo tricks to create very innovative photos….

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Yes, you got me! The real allthatisthree line-up and sizing has been revealed 🙊. We’ve spent two days at @batubatuisland and Penny now believes that we’re mermaids – and who am I to say otherwise. We’ve spent the last two days in the sea; we’ve spotted ‘Nemo’ and ‘Dory’, and swam alongside their friends. Tonight we saw ‘Sebastian the crab’ 🦀 down at the beach, scurrying away from our torch light, and then spotted Batu Batu’s residential but rare Green Turtle coming up for air at the jetty. We have sand in our hair and saltwater in our mouths (one part of being a mermaid that we aren’t too keen on), and we’re keen on helping to clean up the oceans. This all makes us qualified mermaids, right? 🧜🏻‍♀️ #allthatisthree

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We discover The Lewis’s, a traveling family that is tres fashionable as well. Catch the troupe of seven, including their adorable pooch, daily on their family stream looking super cute and coordinated.

From stalking the feed, it appears, the account first only featured mom in her chic outfits and was a traditional fashion Gram. Then starting Halloween, with a very popular post featuring the family as Star Wars characters, she continued the trend on her feed. First, only with her and the kids, then later dad joined in the fun.

Here are some of our fave pics.

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Dear Husband, THANK YOU, for being my best friend and one of my greatest blessings. I talk shit, I'm sarcastic and may even make of light of it but you, you are God's blessing to me. You love me through it ALL…postpartum depression, body changes,stretch marks and sagging boobs, you still love to make love with the lights on! When I criticize myself, you tell me "You are perfect". When my emotions are outta control,you tell me “We will be alright!”. You encourage me to take time for myself. You have never left my side. We tackle every goal together, we don’t always think ALIKE, BUT we always think TOGETHER. JOE, you make this alllll worth it. ❤️💛💚💕🧡💙💜🌈textva

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Oh Heyyyyy Y’all! We’ve missed you so! … Soooo let me tell you why we didn’t post last week. Well there’s two reasons: 1) My husband was mad at me last week because I sent him a text that he didn’t necessarily agree with. 🙄 So , it caused another shutdown. We weren’t really speaking to each other, because I pulled a him on him! #CheckMate … So I played the silent games, walked around the house naked, threw on the chastity belt, and ignored him. This makes it very hard to put on a smile, let alone pull something together when you have that weird energy between the two of you. Keep in mind, he ain’t had none in 3 days. This makes them go crazy. Try it 😂 Then bounce to LA, and post pics of you and go girls having fun. Then that sorry text will come in! LOL #facts not an #Opinion 2) I’ve been working on soooo many exciting good things that I can’t wait to share with y’all! 🙌🏽☺️☺️ #HappyMonday #TheLewis #TheLewisShow #MarriedWithChildren #CoordinatedFamily #Red #Blue #Silver #MomLife #Vloggers #Family #blackloveexists #BlackandBrownLove #thatsmysaucewhenyoufindit

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