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April The Giraffe is Cleared For Another Pregnancy Amidst PETA Opposition

April The Giraffe, who took the Internet by storm earlier this year with the live streaming of the delivery of her baby calf Tajiri, has been cleared for another pregnancy but the news isn’t welcome to everyone.

Last week, Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y. posted a photo of  Tajiri’s parents April and Oliver as part of the announcement of the news to its fans on Facebook.

That post has since garnered over 53,000 reactions on Facebook and has been shared more than 10,000 times, as of Monday morning. However, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA and a vocal critic of animal mistreatment, responded negatively to the news.

In a statement, Brittany Peett, PETA Foundation director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement, lambasted the park, accusing it of having “wrung every dollar and video hit that it could out of this giraffe’s pregnancy.” The statement also called on the park to “prioritize animal welfare over fleeting online fame and end its shameful giraffe-breeding program.”

Jordan Patch, the Park’s owner, responded to the accusation by touting the benefits of the live stream to elevating their educational platform and enhancing giraffe conservation.

“We didn’t ask for viewership, we didn’t promote the giraffe cam, and we certainly didn’t plan on a worldwide phenomenon. However, we received it,” Patch told USA Today. “We used the platform and audience to educate on giraffe conservation, dwindling populations and habitat destruction. We’ve been able to couple that message with the donation of tens of thousands of dollars to support the conservation efforts in Africa. We’ve made a difference, tangible change, with our efforts.”

Money raised through a naming contest for the park’s giraffe calf, born April 15, was donated in part to giraffe conservation, in addition to funding the park’s annual Ava’s Little Heroes fundraiser, which supports local families with a child fighting a health battle.

“At the end of the day, we all want what is best for animals,” Patch said. “While PETA fights the small battles, attacking efforts like ours, Animal Adventure and other facilities are taking on the war that is giraffe conservation.”

photo: courtesy Andrew Thayer, (Binghamton, N.Y.) Press & Sun-Bulletin)

h/t: USA Today

Giraffe Cam: Any Minute Now April the Giraffe will give Birth (WATCH)


We care about animal births too over here,  so we are also among the millions watching and waiting for the birth of April the Giraffe’s 5th calf, via the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY’s Giraffe Cam.

The cam was briefly shut down today by people zoo officials call “animal rights extremists”  who flagged the video as “sexually explicit,” prompting both to be taken down.

But the cam is back up and running right now!

Fifteen-year old April is set to give birth to her 5th calf, as noted above. The soon-to-be born baby giraffe’s dad is Oliver. He’s just 5-years old and is going to be a first time dad.

During the birth, the front hooves will come out first followed by the snout, the Zoo writes in the show notes to the live stream. At birth, baby boy or girl will weigh around 150 lbs and will be 6 feet tall.

Mom will raise baby initially then wean him or her at around 6 to 10 months. There’s no name  yet for the baby but once born, the zoo will have a contest to name it.

It’s been the end of a long 15 months of pregnancy, the gestation period for a pregnant giraffe.

The official is inferring that “extremists” are against giraffes being held in captivity.

“We’re all on the same team,” the official replies to the activists. “We want the best for these animals and would love to have them in their natural environment someday; but until we can protect their natural habitat and curb poaching, that is not going to happen.”

He then suggests that activists should perhaps consider donating to local charities that promote conservation.

Despite the controversy, zoo officials declare that the actual birth will be aired live. According to the zoo,  before the take down, the video had between 20 to 30 million views in 12 hours. It is meant for “educational purposes,” they added.

Giraffes can be in labor anywhere from two to six hours, and up to a full day; but once the calf begins to show, it should be fully out in under an hour.