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Try American Ninja Warrior Junior Host’s Quick Circuit Workout for the Family

 American Ninja Warrior Junior Akbar Gbajabiamila and family

Looking for ideas for a fun, kid-friendly workout while social distancing?
 American Ninja Warrior Junior host Akbar Gbajabiamila uses a quick circuit work out with his family. The former athlete and father utilizes just  four simple moves with his own kids and helps create an effective family workout session with no equipment required.

1. Start with a body weight cardio sequence:

3 Minutes: 

30 second Jumping Jacks

30 second High knees 

30 second Butt kickers 

30 second Body Squats

30 second Jumping Jacks 

30 second Mountain climbers 


Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

2. Planks- we love timers in our house. So I get my kids doing one minute circuits with different planks! 

– High plank

– Forearm plank

– “Up-Downs” (this is where you go from high plank to forearm plank and alternate which arm you lead with)


3. Animal walks… keeping it fun and educational, I always integrate different animal movements into the exercises with my kids. It keeps them distracted and moving around. Two top favorites: 

– Crab walks

– Bear crawls 


4. Wrap with relay races. Similar to something done in football called “suicide drills”, now the whole family gets involved.

One kid starts and runs to the end of the driveway, comes back, tags the next, and so forth. We make it a fun competition to see as a team how quickly they can complete the drill. 


Nice! Thanks Akbar! Catch  American Ninja Warrior Junior    airing on Universal Kids!