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‘Counting On’ Stars Share Tender Photos With Their 20 Weeks Stillborn Baby Girl

Last week, TLC Counting On stars Joy-Anna (Duggar) and Austin Forsyth revealed that their second child was stillborn at 20 weeks.

The little girl was due this November, however, when the pair went for their second trimester ultrasound and gender reveal, they learned the sad news that the baby’s heart had stopped beating.

Always open, transparent and public with every aspect of their lives, family planning and growth journey, they shared a series of photos of themselvs and family saying their last goodbyes to the baby on Instagram.

They also included a photo of her tiny footprints that are not yet the size of a quarter.

Counting On Stars were very public and open sharing photos of themselves cradling their baby girl who was still born at 20 weeks

Our thoughts and prayers are with them, the entire family including their 1-year old son, Gideon.

Why People On The Internet Are All Up In Joy-Ann Duggar’s Uterus

The Duggar family continues to grow as 19-year old Joy-Anna Duggar  and her recently wedded husband Austin Forsyth are expecting their first child. But Internet sleuths are commenting on the size of Joy-Anna’s bump and suggesting it is further along than 3-4 months along, the period of time that has lapsed since their May wedding.

Radar Online even went as far as get a medical professional to report that she is more likely 4-5 months along even though that was personal doctor and he did not examine her.

The uproar is likely because the Duggar family adhere to strict Christian values which proscribe to the tenet of no fornication before marriage.

As we know, every pregnancy is different and you certainly cannot say definitively by looking at a person based on the size of their bump through their clothing.

Joy-Anna has remained mum on the baby’s due date, not that we are entitled to know when she will give birth.

Congrats to them!