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Baby Bucket List: 70 Things to Do Before Having Your First Child

You’ve heard of the Baby Bucket List:  Things to do before you have your first baby and your life changes forever. When you are a DINK and have Dual Income, No Kids, you have more discretionary income to do lots of fun and crazy things.
Check out Marc and Angel’s list of 70 Things to Do Before Having Children.  Here is a sample:
  1. Live in a high rise condo with an amazing view.
  2. Take a month long vacation on the opposite side of the world in a city with a completely different culture.
  3. Attend the Super Bowl live.
  4. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane.
  5. Make love in places you aren’t supposed to.
  6. Swim with the sharks.
  7. Scuba-dive to a large ship wreck.
  8. Audition to be on TV or in a movie… even if you’re just an extra.
  9. Throw the house party of all house parties.  Supply all the booze and invite everyone you know.
  10. Take sexy photos of yourself (keep them somewhere safe).
  11. Learn to fly a plane.
  12. Become skilled with a musical instrument.
  13. Live in southern California for at least a year.
  14. Live in the heart of New York City, Chicago, Boston or another major city for at least a year.
  15. Spend a few weeks vacationing on the beaches of Kauai with your partner.
  16. Surf a Hawaiian wave.
  17. Learn to speak a foreign language.
  18. Visit the North Pole.
  19. Attend The Tonight Show or The Late Show as an audience member.
  20. Read at least 30


Read the rest at Marc and Angel Hack Life – Good luck! some of those things on this list…I don’t know! ha!

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Pre-Pregnancy “Bucket List”: 5 Things to Do Before Having Your First Child

Bellyitch Rewind

A bucket list contains things, adventures, feats, and accomplishments that people want to tackle before “kicking that proverbial bucket”.  Bellyitch had a past post about the Bucket List for DINKS  – or Dual Income, No Kids couples.  A lot of women worry about getting pregnant because they fear what will become of their flat abs and freedom. Well, the fear is understandable and therefore, it may just be better that they have their own individual pre-baby bucket list, separate from the one they share with their significant other. 

This post HERE has links to ideas of what other women had on their lists.

Here are 5 few items to consider adding to it.

1. Go “Bare-Bellied”
Crystal Renn by Patrick Demarchelier in Glamour, May 2009
Wear a two piece on the beach or a bare midriff top. If you become one of those unfortunate ones to get lots of stretch marks on your belly during pregnancy, you may never feel comfortable baring your tummy again after baby comes.  Creams and laser surgery may not make it the same as before. So bare it now even if you’ve never felt comfortable in a bikini.  If your abs are not in tip top shape, get them there… or don’t! Who cares? If you’re uncomfortable about exposing abs that are not defined, imagine how weird you’ll feel about exposing undefined abs with the map of Switzerland on them. Get out there and bare it all, girl!

2. I Hope you Dance
credit: Fred J. Field for The Boston Globe
These days will be the last that you can get on top of a bar or a table and dance freely at a club or bar without worrying about the photos landing on Facebook and embarrassing your kid. Even if you’re shy and would never consider dancing where you’d get so much attention, dig deep down and find your inner “Coyote Ugly” and shake what your mama gave you. You’re only young and baby-free once!

3. Gotta Get Away 
credit: Pinky Photography
Last minute vacations away on a whim and moment’s notice are reserved for those with no attachments holding them back. Many airlines offer last-minute get away fares and sometimes a long drive across the country can be refreshing and liberating…but usually when you don’t have kids at home to worry about. If the girls are getting away for a quick trip, why not throw caution in the wind and join them?
 4. Get down and dirty
Go ahead and “get it on” somewhere risque, in  public and off limits with your significant other or husband. If you get caught, you don’t have to worry about who will watch the kids while you arrange for bail.

After baby comes, many women sacrifice their wants and needs and don’t feel comfortable spending on themselves any longer. So before you have to deal with that weight on the mind, go get yourself those pricey pair of shoes or handbag you’ve had your eye on for a while.  It’s the ultimate “me” treat to spend carelessly on self. Do it when you can.

It’s now or never ladies! Do it NOW! Good Luck and Have fun!


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