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Why You Wash Newborn Clothes You Get From Your Baby Shower

One of the last nesting chores that moms-to-be have to do before the arrival of baby is the washing and folding of all the baby’s new clothes.

The reason you wash all of the clothes your newborn will wear for the earliest months of her life is that they have very sensitive skin. New clothes sometimes have chemical residue on them from processing, packaging and shipping. Also, different grubby hands man-handle the clothes in stores before you pluck them off the shelves or racks. Babies’ skin could break out easily if any residue or agents aren’t washed out of them before you put the clothes on them.

With all of my kids, I relied on Dreft which is one of several specially formulated gentler detergents.

It has a light scent and was great for preparing all their towels, blankets, bedding and clothing for when they would arrive. Dreft has been a parent staple for years and so has Ivory Snow. I know that since I last gave birth, that there has been several other companies to spring up providing soap just for babies.

After washing, you have to organize and arrange the clothing in the baby’s nursery, wardrobe, drawers and closet. Check out the BabyTalk with Bellyitch video I did years ago, back in 2012, with tips on how to prep our baby’s clothing in the nursery before the baby arrives: