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Live Longer: Ways to Extend Heart Heath

Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Whether you are a physically active college student, a busy parent, or a corporate businessperson who rarely leaves the office, you can reduce your risk of heart disease today. Time to make some healthy lifestyle choices, pick up a pair of ASICS runners on sale, and get ready to live a healthier stronger life. 

Heart disease claims thousands of lives each year. Living a heart healthy lifestyle is key to reducing cardiovascular disease and living a productive life. 

You might think that it is too late to begin taking care of your heart. Or maybe you have been a runner for most of your life and feel like you are ahead of the game. 

Either way there are some key ways to truly change your life!

You must be physically active each and every day.

Even if you had an active lifestyle in your earlier years, maintaining a regular active lifestyle is necessary to increase heart health. Research indicates that at least several hours a week of activity has numerous benefits:• Reduce blood pressure• Lower cholesterol• Maintain a healthy weight• Reduce chances of cardiovascular disease• Significantly reduce rate of death

Even if you are not used to heavy exercise, starting slow can have benefits. Pick up the latest sneaker releases and try walking for a short time each day. Find a partner to join you. The social benefits and accountability will help make exercise more enjoyable. 

Maintain a healthy weight with a healthy diet.

Exercise is only one component of a healthy lifestyle. Maintain your weight by eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients, fruits, vegetables, and fish. Keep lean proteins. Avoid fried and fatty foods. This includes avoiding fast food and sugary desserts. 

If you have a sweet tooth or love fried foods, find alternatives that satiate your appetite. You can learn how to cook a healthier version of most of your favorite dishes. For example, instead of getting a fast food breakfast sandwich in the morning, prepare your own breakfast ahead of time with a low cholesterol egg substitute on whole wheat bread and low-fat cheese. Substitute cauliflower crust for pizza night or use sugar substitutes for your baking. 

Half of your plate at every meal should be full of delicious fruits and vegetables. Buy your produce locally for fresher options. There are hundreds of easy healthy soups and stews that you can prepare in bulk in your crockpot or just opt for at least one salad per day. 

Coupling exercise with a high nutrient, low cholesterol, low fat diet will help you minimize your risk of heart disease. Meet with your nutritionist or dietician about ways that you can balance your exercise and health with a good diet. 

What else can I do to reduce heart disease?

If you smoke or drink large amounts of alcohol you are risking your overall heart health. Eliminate any type of smoking and keep drinking alcohol to a minimum. Even if you are relatively healthy or young, smoking and excessive drinking are doing irreversible long-term damage. 

Reduce stress in your life.

That might be easier said than done. Reducing stress will greatly minimize your chances of cardiovascular disease. Some ways to reduce stress include attending a yoga class, meditating, engaging in fun social activities with friends, and avoiding caffeine. 

Follow these simple guidelines to live a healthy and more productive lifestyle.