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Clip-In Hair Extensions, according to Celebrity Hairstylists

Looking to try temporary hair extensions? Experts recommend these picks.

We’ve all experienced it: The brief pang of regret after cutting our hair; mourning for all of the hairstyles intended for long hair that we were “just about to try” and will miss out on until it grows back.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution out there for anyone who feels like their hair just doesn’t have the length or volume they crave (and that growing it out takes too long): extensions.

But with so many options out there, it’s so hard to know which to choose. “As a colorist, I like clip-ins the best,” Stephanie Brown, master colorist at the Eddie Arthur Salon in New York City, previously told TODAY Style. “It’s easier for me to color hair, and also because you can put them in and take them out whenever you want. They are a (commitment-free) way to add length and fullness or body to your hair.”

Stephanie’s most important tip is to pick a set with color and texture that is most similar to your own hair. “It isn’t easy dyeing extensions and it isn’t cheap … I charge the same amount as I do when I color someone’s hair,” Brown said.

When it comes to price, a good set is worth the investment.

“(Cheaper options) can look bulky and even cause harm to your natural hair since the clips or tapes are poorly made,” Brown added. “If you take proper care of your extensions, they will not need to be replaced so quickly. Even if you dye your hair, just bring them with you to the salon and ask your colorist to match them.”

We asked other celebrity hairstylists what their favourite clip-in hair extensions are and they shared which ones they recommend to their own clients.


Human Hair Extensions

Vario Clip-In Human Hair Extensions


“I originally bought these because they were an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ item, plus their reviews — although there are not many — were almost all five stars,” said celebrity stylist Gregg Giannillo, who works with clients like Vanessa Williams. “Once I used them, I knew why! They are soft, thick, very good quality and very well made. They curl beautifully, they color beautifully and they come in so many varieties that you can find a perfect match. They are truly the next best thing to custom-made at a fraction of the price.”
3/4 Clip Hair Extensions

20 Inches 3/4 Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions


“For easy, clip-on hair extensions, DevaLook comes in an assortment of colors, adds some nice volume and is easy to use,” said celebrity hairstylist Felix Fischer, who has worked with Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson and Kate Winslet.
Bellami Clip Extensions

Bellami Clip-In Extensions


Extension expert and celebrity hair colorist Kacey Welch swears by Bellami clip-ins. “They come in lengths from 18 inches to 24 inches and are perfect for a quick style change, event or to see if extensions are for you,” Welch said. “They have such a wide assortment of colors, they virtually match everyone — and they also have fun colors so you can experiment, too. They instantly add volume and length and are easy enough to do at home or to take to your stylist.”

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