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Grow a Lifetime Reader, Give them An Unlimited Library

Studies show that kids who choose their own books are far more likely to finish them, and that can lead to a love of reading that lasts a lifetime. I am a big believer in the power of books and encouraging learning and reading in children from early childhood on.

My children developed a passion and interest in reading and a comfortable familiarity with written prose, stories, and reading for fun and enjoyment. It wasn’t by accident. I equipped them with toys that babbled in foreign languages, exposed them to to things like Baby Einstein videos, My Baby Can Read and ABC Mouse.

I took my children to library story hour as infants and when our eldest started to wain in interest in books, we kicked it into overdrive and explored lots of options until we got our son back on track and back into reading chapter series for fun.

As a result of all that passion,  our children consistently score in the upper 90% in national standardized tests for reading and they get A’s on their report cards in reading and great feedback from their teachers who tell me that my children do excellent in composition.

I recognize it isn’t easy for all parents especially those who have to compete with all these digital screens that are competing for children’s attention.

My kids too spend more of their time on YouTube videos, watching TV and gaming on tablets, smartphones, on their computers and game consoles.  However, fortunately for us, innovative companies have cropped up and providing new  ways to allow parents to combine their children’s obsession with digital devices and use that obsession to expose them to more books electronically.

I learned of the monthly subscription program called Epic! and love it!

Each month, kids get access to an unlimited amount of digital titles. Parents of multiple children can set up accounts for up to 4 kids for just $4.99 per month.

The app is packed with thousands of books that kids can stream in seconds without waiting for them to download. There are plenty of options for beginning readers to advanced ones.

Another plus for the app is that it is absolutely FREE for educators. It has features like “read to me” and users can easily search through categories. The kids can set up reading logs, and get rewards for reading. Teachers can take advantage of a  letter for parents, so educators can encourage parents to help supplement what is being taught in school.

There are NO in app purchase so you don’t have to worry about getting a surprise big bill. Anyway! Try it for one month FREE! Sign up TODAY!


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