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7 Pandemic Fall Date Ideas

It’s the season for pumpkin spice everything, sweater weather — and a potential second-wave of COVID-19 infections. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local governments monitor outbreaks around the country, you may need to get a little creative with your fall date ideas, so they are pandemic friendly. This means booking or planning activities and experiences that allow you to maintain six-feet of distance in public or provide the privacy you need to be mask-free safely. The good news? In a turbulent year, the Autumn season offers plenty of romantic, bond-building adventures for twosomes.

Here, we spoke with dating experts and matchmakers for their best recommendations for happy, fall-loving couples.

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You Need Date Night Ideas: We got 25 of Them for you!


Whether you are pregnant, have a new baby, or a vet parent, going out with your partner or spouse without the children (if you already have them) is essential to keep the spark in your relationship alive!

Here are 25 Date Night ideas of things to consider for a night soon with your sweetheart!

  1. Go dancing at a night club
  2. Get Dinner and a go to a movie at the cinema
  3. Go shoot some pool and grab beer at a local watering hole and chill
  4. Plan and go out for dinner with other couples
  5. Go see an exhibit at the art gallery and grab lunch afterwards
  6. Find a drive in or second run theater and catch an old movie on the big screen
  7. Go Rollerskating or Iceskating (if its’ winter) at a rink
  8. Go to the Driving or Shooting Range
  9. See an outdoor concert on the lawn when a favorite act comes to town
  10. Go Bike Riding (or Running, Jogging or Kayaking or whatever active sport you both enjoy)
  11. Check out a local jazz club and sip wine while enjoying the performance
  12. Test our your own vocal skills and go to Karaoke night
  13. Go Bowling
  14. Go on a road trip to a nearby town, book a room and stay overnight (if you have a sitter for that long of course)
  15. Check out a Comedy Show, Order the 2 drink minium
  16. Go Miniature golfing
  17. Go Go-Kart racing
  18. Check out a professional sports game like Baseball, Basketball, Hockey or Soccer
  19. Have a picnic in the living room after the kids are asleep
  20. Go for a walk on a beach
  21. Have a movie night in the basement and pop your own popcorn
  22. Use a Living Social or Groupon deal for a cooking class or rock climbing or something else you wouldn’t ordinarily do unless you got it at a really good price
  23. Go RockClimbing in an inside rock climbing center
  24. Go for drinks at a lounge and chill
  25. Find one of the highest elevation points in the city, get out a blanket and star gaze

There you have it! Plenty of ideas to get you thinking! Enjoy!



How to get your ‘Date Night’ groove back

Today’s modern parents aren’t prioritizing their romance any longer.  According to a Care.com poll, more than 1 in 3 parents said that their last date night was so long ago…they don’t even remember when it happened.  In fact, Care.com also found that nearly half of parents said they took less than three date nights in 2014 (15% took zero!).

Couples that have children need to make dating one another a priority. So if running an errand together was the closest thing to a date night you’ve had in a while, then it’s time to bring back date night.

Schedule  it in: 

Just like you schedule your kid’s soccer practice and play dates, it’s important to schedule (and prioritize!) a date night to reconnect with your partner. By physically entering it into your calendar, it’s more likely to happen too. You So start by having the conversation. Sit down and say, we need this. I need this. I think it can make us an even stronger couple to get out of the house without the distraction of laundry.. And Shark Tank!

Spice and Mix it Up: 

According to recent studies on the longevity of romantic love, couples need to do something novel to keep things spicy.So instead of the typical dinner and a movie, think about going art gallery hopping and guessing what that abstract really means. Or take advantage of all the New Year gym deals and get creative with a cardio class…after all, someone’s bound to be sore the next day and that’s a great excuse for a massage.

Of course, if you haven’t gone out in a while, start w a restaurant you are dying to try. And then work your way up to double dates and more unique outings.

Quick Date Night Suggestions: 

Some alone time is better than never having any alone time! So if you need to rush back home to your little ones, there are a bunch of different ways to have a “quickie date night”.

Consider making just a date night dessert run to your local cupcake shop to satisfy your sweet tooth and to have some quality one-on-one time. It’s the perfect way to cap night.

We get it – you want to rush home after work to your kids. But sometimes, it’s important to take a moment to spend some time with your partner before getting back to the chaos of little ones. After work, consider doing a “happy hour” (or even “happy half hour”) at a local wine bar to catch up on the day. Bonus – you get to spend some QT on the commute home.

After the kids are tucked in bed, resist plopping on the couch and watching TV! Instead, open a bottle of wine and catch up on the day’s highlights now that there’s some quiet in the house. You can even try your hand at a puzzle as a soothing activity before bed.

Another great idea is to hit the road. Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, visiting a local park or hiking a trail, being outdoors can have a refreshing impact on your relationship. Bonus? You burn calories too!

Guest post by Katie Bugbee, Care.com Senior Managing Editor & Global Parenting Expert

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Need Date Night Ideas? Over 100 ideas in these 21 sites

Keeping the spark alive in your marriage is no easy task, but it’s an integral one for maintaining a happy marriage. It’s all too easy for people to get wrapped up in their busy lives and forget to make time for their spouse or loved one.  To avoid being one of those couples who drift apart after the kids are born, try adding a date night to your schedule.  It can be once a week or once a month, just make sure you pencil time in for one.  These 21 blog entries will give you some enjoyable ideas for date nights with your spouse.
Low Cost
There are many low cost options for a date night.  You can check your local newspaper to see if there are any free performances that you can attend.  Local theaters can be well performed and the tickets are typically inexpensive.  Take a sunset walk through the park or along the beach.  Take your food to go and have a picnic at the park and feed the ducks.  These seven blog posts will give you more ideas for low cost date nights.
Winter Date Night
Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn’t mean that you can’t have a delightful time on your date.  From ice skating at the park to snow tubing, you can enjoy yourself no matter what the weather is like.  Snuggling up in front of the fireplace is a romantic way to end the evening.  Check out these seven date night ideas for winter.
At Home
Whether you’re not in the mood to go out or don’t want to spend the money, there are still many ideas on how to make a date night at home entertaining.  Create a carpet picnic for dinner and enjoy it in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace.  Light the room with candles and turn on some soft music.  Watch one of your favorite movies that you own on DVD with some popcorn.  Make some room and dance with your sweetie.  Here are seven more killer ideas for date night at home.

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