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What Causes the Pregnancy Glow and Why Don’t I Have It?

You know that glow that people remark upon when you’re pregnant?  Well, it’s a real thing!  Board certified dermatologist and beauty expert, Dr. Anna Guanche says that in 90% of pregnant women the blood volume increases by 50% (increased blood flow), estrogen levels increase (estrogen makes the skin more youthful looking) and weight gain all combine to create a beautiful smooth glow.

 However, this isn’t the case for about 10% of pregnant women, they might have to deal with cystic acne breakouts.  Dr. Guanche says it can be treated with facials, mild peels and skin care regimens that don’t contain retinoids or salicylic acid. 

 Another side effect of pregnancy is that you might see growths appear that weren’t there before and existing ones may increase in size, this includes moles and skin tags.  The moles can become darker and melanoma risks are higher in pregnant women.  She recommends that they should be checked immediately and not wait until after the baby is born. 

 Dr. Guanche goes on to say that allergic rashes can occur more frequently during and after pregnancy, due to exposure to a “foreign body,” since the baby is genetically different.  This can activate the immune system for up to a year after delivery. 

Eventually, your body returns to pre-pregnancy state, and sadly the glow leaves, but also, any rashes, growths or other problems also disappear.