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15 Money-Saving Apps

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Whether you are a small business owner or a consumer, saving more money is always a good thing. It means you have that you will have that much more money to put into other important things which will create more value with what you have. Check out some of these money saving Apps Below.

The extra money you save from one place can also be tucked away in an emergency fund or retirement account to build and actually buy yourself a better future. This includes greater financial freedom and more opportunities to grow your business.

The problem is that the decision can be challenging to know where to start making changes that will save you money. The answer will be to get help from apps that are designed to help you make better decisions about your professional and personal finances — like these 15 money-saving apps.



Chime is an Android and iOS mobile banking app. It includes a spending account and debit card that is FDIC-insured so you can safely deposit funds, see transactions instantly and track spending on the go.
The mobile banking app also offers an automatic savings account, which allows you to start saving money without thinking about it by automatically setting aside 10 percent of every paycheck you deposit into Chime. You can also enable rounding-up on your purchases and have the difference transferred to your savings every time you use the Chime debit card.


Trim is a money-saving app that works like your very own personal financial assistant. You can link all your accounts securely so the app can analyze each transaction and suggest areas to cut back like subscriptions or all those trips to the coffee shop.
Then, the machine-enabled app goes to work on finding you more affordable service providers like cable, car insurance, and the internet. It will even cancel subscriptions for you. You’ll be able to get text updates on how your accounts are doing and immediately see any automated changes that have been made. This is a great option for most self-employed people looking for a personalized financial assistant.


Digit does the thinking and acting on saving money for you. It may even do a better job plus it takes the effort off your shoulders. This app looks at your current income and expenditures. It then calculates what you can save and puts that amount aside in an FDIC-insured Digit account.
Typically, the app goes through and does this analysis between two and three times a week. It gives you the ability to earn a one percent savings bonus that is paid every three months. What you get is based on the average daily balance in your Digit account during that same three-month period. There is a monthly fee that kicks in to use Digit after the 100-day free trial period runs out.

Meet Your New Year Money Goals With Financial Apps {21 To Get You Started}

The new year is a time to begin again — to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, get organized and set new goals. For many of us, that means working on our finances.

According to a Fidelity study, approximately one-third of people planned to make a financial resolution going into the next year. The most popular resolutions included saving more, paying down debt and spending less.

Despite the hope and good intentions a fresh calendar brings, statistics indicate that less than 10 percent of people accomplish their New Year’s resolutions. Financial goals, which often feel overwhelming at the beginning, are especially easy to neglect.

To make your New Year’s resolutions last beyond February, it’s important that you set realistic goals and implement a tracking system to hold yourself accountable.

To start, get a free credit report from one of the three reporting companies Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

You could also try to enroll in a Credit Score and Monitoring, Savings Recommendations and Identity Theft Protection.

You have probably seen a commercial for Credit Sesame which does all of that for free though they make their money off of upgrades to their basic services. So watch out!

A lot of utilities will now negotiate with you for delayed or skipped payments.

Third party companies like Bill Shark can help and 85% success rate negotiating bills for Cable TV, Wireless Phone, Satellite TV, Internet Access, Satellite Radio, and Home Security.

Also, a bunch of gamification apps that make saving a game but with that takes money from your paycheck and deposit it directly into a savings account have popped up. Long Games Savings rewards you with Crypto or Cash.

To help get you started, the folks at WikiBuy compiled a list of the best apps to help you monitor your financial life. From tracking daily expenses to creating better budgets, these apps will help you meet your 2019 financial goals.

Here is Why You Should Change Your Budget Today

The Importance of Changing Your Budget

Your budget is something that you might set and forget, but for the overall health of your finances and your peace of mind, it’s best that you recognize when and how to change your family budget. Maybe you updated your car insurance coverage, or perhaps you’ve succeeded in reaching a financial goal. No matter what it might be, your budget should change along with your most current lifestyle.

Out With the Old

One reason to keep a close eye on your budget is that you might notice services, subscriptions or expenses that you no longer want or need. Maybe you no longer want cable, or perhaps you can bundle your internet service with your phone service. In any case, you shouldn’t keep paying for something you don’t want in your life. Doing so is a waste of money, money you could be funneling elsewhere. On the other hand, you might want to either upgrade or downgrade a certain service rather than eliminate it entirely, which will impact your current budget.

Delayed Credit Card Payments

You may have fallen on hard financial times, experienced the loss of a job or incurred unexpected expenses. Any of these situations can lead to you leaning on your credit card more than you have in the past, which can lead to you racking up more credit card debt than you have in the past. Any balance left on your card equals interest payments, which are monumental wastes of money. If you find you’re carrying credit card balances from month to month, do what you can to tweak your budget so that you can pay more than the monthly minimum on your credit cards to protect your credit score and keep from hemorrhaging money in the form of interest payments.

You Worry About Money

Financial worries are most certainly nothing new, but if you find yourself consumed with money worries, it might be time to put all that nervous energy to good use and invest it into retooling your budget. Specifically, you want to see what changes you can make to your spending and saving so that you aren’t always fretting paycheck to paycheck. And once you have a better understanding of your financial flow, you might discover that you’re doing better than you originally thought. In any case, give yourself a money goal or two so you have something to work towards and can help yourself to some relief.

Your Financial Goals Are Just Out of Reach

Rather than reaching a financial goal, it might be that you can’t seem to cross off a financial goal from your list. It could be that your emergency fund isn’t as robust as you’d like for it to be, or that you’ve fallen behind on your retirements savings. A few tweaks to your budget could help you succeed in those goals without much sacrifice in your day-to-day life. As you’re restructuring your budget, give it a careful examination to ensure all your figures are accurate and up-to-date.

Get into the habit of knowing how much money you’ve got coming in and how much you’ve got going out. A poorly calibrated budget could cost you more than you might realize.


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