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These 4 ‘Game of Thrones’ Alums Are Having a Mini Baby Boom

The HBO hit series Game of Thrones is having a baby boom as the actors who protrayed The Mountain, Sansa Stark and Jon Snow and Ygritte all welcomed babies recently or are expecting a child.

Iceland’s Hafthor Julius Björnsson, who played  Sir Gregor Clegane, “The Mountain,”  announced Sunday that his wife Kelsey Henson welcomed a baby boy.

“After an extremely hard 2 hours and 19 mins of pushing our healthy, strong, beautiful boy arrived,” he captioned a series of photos of himself, his wife and newborn on Instagram, sharing that the baby weighed over 7 pounds.

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26.09.2020 . 6am Kelsey woke me up telling me she had been losing her water, I immediately jumped out of bed and said alright let’s go, she stayed calm and replied with a laugh and said, no we are not going yet. I then asked to call our midwives to which she replied again no let’s just wait for awhile. . 7:15am we call our friend to come photograph the labour, the midwife and doula. Once the midwife arrived she checked out the progress and we were surprised to learn Kelsey was already 5cm dilated. The midwife asked if she was ready to go to the birthing centre or wanted to try out that bath at home and Kelsey, still remaining calm, decided to try the bath at home. While I was filling up the bath things started escalating quickly, the contractions were much stronger lasting over a minute and were anywhere from 2-3 min apart. The midwife then said she thought we should head to the clinic and finally Kelsey agreed it was time. . 8:40am. We arrived at the Björkin, the birthing centre, after a quick 10 min drive. Right away Kelsey knew exactly what she wanted and asked how long until the birthing pool would be filled. The next fifteen minutes Kelsey paced around between contractions waiting for the tub to be filled. . 9:00am She was in the tub and immediately started to push. Things escalated super quickly. Throughout it all she did amazing. She was in complete control of her mind and body. She had strong opinions on exactly what she wanted and where she wanted to be. I am completely in awe of how strong she is, and so proud of her for everything she did to prepare herself throughout her pregnancy. It cannot be put into words how proud I am and how I feel about this experience. . 11:19am After an extremely hard 2 hours and 19 mins of pushing our healthy, strong, beautiful boy arrived weighing 3530 grams, 52 cm long. . To finish the most beautiful, awe inspiring labour was the most wonderful phone call to my daughter to introduce her to her new little brother ❤️ . 5:30pm We arrive back at home both mom and baby doing super well and spent our first night as three together. . We have decided on a name and cannot wait to share it with you all soon.

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Henson wrote on her Instagram account, “Our beautiful baby boy made his grand entrance into the world at 11:19 AM on September 26th 2020 after a short and intense six hours.”

“The birth was the most powerful, life-changing, empowering thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. We are all doing well and settling in at home as three!”

His co-star Sophie Turner welcomed her own first child, daugther Willa, who she shares with husband Joe Jonas, in July and this weekend, the private star shared a few throwback maternity photos ofher baby bump.

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? ? ☀️

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And just this week, it was revealed that another extremely private pair of stars, the also married Rose Leslie who playe Ygritte and her co-star and husbaqnbd Kit Harrington are expecting their first child.

The couple met on the show and married in 2018. An editor for a Brit magazine shared that news in an Instagram post which featured Leslie in a black and white photo with her growing baby bump showing.

Congrats to all!

Report: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are Expecting First Child

joe and sophie turner at billboards

joe and sophie turner at billboards

Sophie Turner is about to be a mom!

Multiple sources confirm to E! News that the Game of Thrones star is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Joe Jonas.

“The couple is keeping things very hush hush but their friends and family are super excited for them,” one source shared with JustJared who was first to report the news. Another insider added, “Sophie has decidedly been choosing outfits to wear on and off the carpet to accommodate her changing body.”

The couple’s last major public appearance together was at the 2020 Grammys where Sophie cheered on her husband during the Jonas Brothers‘ performance of “What A Man Gotta Do.

Joe and Sophie surprised fans in May 2019 when they got married in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards. The duo enjoyed a second ceremony in France one month later.

Since then, the couple has continued to document their love story that includes everything from sweet social media posts, unforgettable vacations and red carpet date nights.

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Study: There’s Been A ‘Game of Thrones’ Baby Names Spike; No Cersei Tho

There has been a spike in babies born in the US given names Game of Thrones characters over the popular HBO show’s 9 year existence.

Today, Names.org released a study showing a sharp Increase in Babies Named After Game of Thrones Characters using the most recent data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.  

The study compares babies born in 2011, the year the show debuted, against babies born in 2017, the latest data available from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Here are 10 Game of Thrones characters that have inspired babies named after them (note: the name of villainous Cersei didn’t make the cut and I’m secretly sad that Sansa barely made the top and is at the bottom at number 13 on the Names.org website analysis!):

1)      Arya (Stark): Combines Arya or Aria

2011: 387 

2017: 2,156

Overall: 50,060

2)      Emilia (Clarke):

2011: 972 

2017: 3,581

Overall: 31,873

3)      Khaleesi:

2011: 28 

2017: 456

Overall: 1,964

4)      Maisie (Williams) (Plays Arya)

2011: 138 

2017: 594

Overall: 5,308

5)      Meera (Reed)

2011: 80

2017: 182

Overall: 2,636

6)      Daenerys (Targaryen)

2011: 0

2017: 110

Overall: 468

7)      Tyrion (Lannister)

2011: 18

2017: 55

Overall: 482

8)      Theon (Greyjoy)

2011: 0

2017: 23

Overall: 236

9)      Shae

2011: 78

2017: 76 (Peaked in 2015 to 129)

Overall: 5,251

10)  Renly (Baratheon)

2011: 0

2017: 67

Overall: 164

This ‘Smiling’ Challenge Could Change Your Life

The Science Behind Smiling

By Jamie Reynolds, M.D. 

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is messed up.  Like crazy messed up.  And, as human beings, most of it is our fault.  Crazy nuclear-obsessed dictators.  Hyper-divisiveness in the American political system.  Bigotry.  Suicide bombers.  Children unsafe at schools. The rich getting richer. The poor getting poorer.  Social-media bullies.  Cancer.  TMZ.  The list goes on…

And, just for good measure, mother nature decides to visit us with a record polar vortex and a flu season that affected millions more than normal (including yours truly).  Not to mention the fool that cut you off in line for your latte this morning, or a million other of life’s trivial annoyances that get our blood pressure out of control.  It is a wonder any of us are remotely sane.

Or is it?  If you listen to a guy like Gary Vaynerchuck–and if you don’t you should–he correctly rants that we as human beings live in the greatest time to be alive in the history of humans.  And even though life seems and is challenging, we have never collectively had it better. 

Remember, it wasn’t all that long ago where the world was much more like Game of Thrones and a lot less like spoiled brat reality TV.  And, as annoying as Honey Boo Boo and everything ‘Housewives’ seems to be, humanity continues to trend up.

So what can we do to realize and appreciate what we have?  Most of us have little influence in the goings on of the world. However, my belief that if we each make a small effort to treat each other a little better, our lives will continue to improve.  Something as seemingly insignificant as a smile can brighten people’s day.

Remember, it is really difficult to be around people who are smiling without smiling.  Why?  There is actually a mountain of interesting science behind it.

In one of my favorite studies of all time, researchers (Kraft and Pressman) used chopsticks to position people in various facial expressions then put them through a series of stressful tasks. 

The results? 

The people whose face was positioned into a smile had the lowest stress of any group. 

So, even if you don’t smile on purpose, the act of positioning your face into a smiling posture actually decreases stress. 

‘Fake it till you make it’ actually works here! The next time someone cuts you off in line, try forcing yourself to smile.  Science says it will actually reduce your stress level.

Naturally smiling also creates a cascade of naturally occurring feel-good neurotransmitters to be released automatically.  Seretonin, dopanine, and endorphins–the same hormones we artificially stuff into the ever increasing amount of happy pills Americans digest on a daily basis–are naturally released every time you smile.  Free happy hormones.  No trip to the doctor or prescription required.

What about for the uber career-focused people who are in too big of a rush to snap a smile at Starbucks

A 2004 study from Penn State showed smiling employees come off as more friendly and likeable (not surprising) and also increased perception of competence (surprising!!!).

Smiling frequently gives people the perception that you are better at your job!

Another study from the University of Pittsburgh compared people with various smile postures, and the bigger the smile the higher the person was graded on trustworthiness (again, surprising!).

So, science suggests that if you want to be seen as more competent and more trustworthy–factors that weigh heavily in any boss’s performance evaluation–you should smile more.

And, just in case the scientific case for smiling wasn’t strong enough, a recent Harvard study found ‘social connection’ is directly linked to happiness and longevity.  The more people in your social network, the more likely you were to live longer.  What is the number one way to increase social connections you ask?  Smiling.  Live long and prosper, smile grasshopper.


My challenge to you:  Get a sharpie.  On the mirror in your bathroom, write the words ‘5 Smiles’ on your mirror.  Look at the words in the morning while you are brushing your teeth (the dental professional in me couldn’t resist reminding you to brush) and say out loud “I will smile at 5 people today”. 

Then, throughout your day, smile at 5 people.  It’s the easiest challenge of all time.  Instead of texting while you are ordering your morning caffeination, greet the barista with a smile before requesting your morning half-soy triple foam.  If you are a perpetual grouch, turning the frown upside down may seem forced at first.  Remember the chopstick study above–it still works.

Again, science is on your side here.  A part of your brain called the premotor cortex has ‘mirror neurons’ that respond particularly strongly to smiling? What does that mean in normal language?  Smiles are contagious.  We are genetically predisposed to want to smile when we see someone else smiling.  So, your smile could actually create a response in someone else that makes them feel better and brightens their day.  Pretty good trick when you catch your boss in a grumpy mood.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of daily opportunities to show off your smile a few extra times.  And, if you sleep 9 hours per day (way more than I get) this is only one smile every three hours. Insomniacs may have to smile a touch more frequently at one smile per two hours. Repeat the 5-smile challenge daily.

You may not be able to change Korean dictators, our President’s hair, or the path of a polar vortex, but you can change the frequency with which you share a smile.  This isn’t push-ups or sit-ups we are talking about here.  Deciding–notice that it’s your choice–to smile literally couldn’t be easier.  The result of choosing to smile?  You feel better and 5 other people do too. And many, many more by the transitive property.  Scientifically proven and mother approved. 

Imagine if something so simple, so trivial, actually caught on.  Thousands or millions of extra smiles creating intermittent bursts of stress reduction and happy hormone release. Changing the temperament of the world, 5 smiles at a time.  Possible?   Grin and bear it?  Maybe give it a try. Science is on your side.

Yes, Game of Thrones Fans are Seriously Naming Their Kids After Characters (INFOGRAPHIC)

As we’ve shared before, it is a fact that fans of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones have begun naming their children after characters such as Khaleesi, Arya, Theon, Kit, Roslin, Sansa, Tyrion, Shae, Daenerys and Renly.

Names.org came up with an interactive graphic with 13 Baby Names Inspired by Game of Thrones. You can see the number of babies named after each character by year. As the series gained in popularity, the baby naming increased as well.

Just to show you how life can sometimes imitate art, in 2010, the Social Security Administration reports that zero babies were named Khaleesi compared to 370 baby girls with that name in 2013.

Similarly, in 2010, there were 273 babies named Arya, compared to 1890 babies named  in 2016.

You can access Name.org’s interactive graphic HERE and catch the static one below:

Baby Names Inspired by Game of Thrones


These Celeb Families Won Halloween 2017 (PHOTOS)

Each year for Halloween, certain celebrity families go all out and dress in very extravagant costumes. This time of year is all about fun, portraying fun characters and showing out at costume parties and while trick or treating.

Here are out faves:

Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz with 7-yr old son Egypt and 2-year old son Genesis rocked it out with very creative costumes.

“Happy Hallowdean!!! Fun times!! Show us what you’re doing!! Makeup by my beautiful and super talented sis the magnificent @ekaysha,” the Fallin‘ hitmaker, 36, captioned the image in their boo-tiful outfits.

Jersey Shore alum Jennifer “JWoww ” Farley and her fam did a family-theme with the Addams Family! Love it!

“Goals,” the reality star, 31, Instagrammed the festive photo with husband Roger Mathews and their daughter Meilani, 3, and 1-year-old son Greyson.

Another fave is Jurnee Smollett-Bell and fam who went as Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and Steve Wonder.


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Blac Chyna also shared a group photo of Dream, King and other pals dressed up as skeletons before heading out to snag some candy.

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher were adorbs!

“The only deer I am OK with @mfisher1212 ‘catching!'” the country singer captioned the couples shot. “@catchindeers #HelpMe #happyhalloween #veganwifeproblems”

Khloe Kardashian went as the Queen of the Dragons while Tristan Thompson also dressed in a Game of Thrones themed outfit.

Wizard of Oz while Penelope Disickdressed up as Dorothy in her classic gingham frock.

 Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, and their kids, twins Gideon and Harper win Halloween every year and this year was no different in their amazing Carnival American Horror Story Themed costumes. 

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and Hank Baskett and fam looked cute.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were tops in our book.

“If you see us in these streets then have your candy ready! Trick-Or-Treat, little homies!” the pop star wrote on social media, signing the note “Woody, Jesse, and Buzz.”

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady as a yummy toast and avocado sandwich.

Halle Berry as a Witch

Adele as a Greek Gypsy  we think.

Hilary Duff and son Luca


A post shared by Behati Prinsloo Levine (@behatiprinsloo) on

Amber Rose and Son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz were too cute to be scary. “Chucky ❤️’s Tiffany FOREVER!!!!” she captioned a photo

Loved how Kelly Ripa and Ryan Secrest went as each other.

Game of Thrones’ Lena Heady is Preggers

King’s Landing may be crying that Queen Cersei Lannister is in prison but actress Lena Headey isn’t. She’s expecting a baby girl in 6 weeks time.

Baby sister will join big brother, 4-year-old Wylie, who Lena had with ex-husband Peter Loughran.

Rumor is the baby’s father is the Viper actor Pedro Pascal who played Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones.

Both Pedro and Lena say that they are just friends. Lena who is one to shy away from excess publicity announced her pregnancy is the most poignant way.

Lena wrote an op-ed for Plan International USA‘s website stating that her daughter will have freedom of choice to be the person she wants to be which should be the human right for everyone.

At Bellyitch we fully agree!

Congrats Lena and baby girl Headey!

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