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5 Ways to Store Your Daughter’s Hair Accessories


If you’re sick of finding rubber hair bands, bows and clips all over the place, or fed up with not being able to find them when you need them, it’s time to straighten out your daughter’s hair accessories. With a little creatively and vision, you can create an attractive way to display all of your daughter’s hair care items and keep them easily accessible.

1.Make your own framed hair bow display. Take the glass out of an old 8 by 10 or larger picture frame and recycle it into a piece of hair care art. Hot glue lengths of ¾ to 1-inch wide ribbon about 1 ½ to 2 inches apart across the longer sides of the back of the frame. To create a ribbon hanger, glue the desired lengths of ribbon to each top corner of the frame and tie the pieces into a bow. Add additional ribbon to the bow to fill it out. Store clips, fancy elastics (pull the elastic behind the ribbon and stick the appliquéd piece through the elastic loop in the front), bobby pins and other accessories on the ribbon and hang headbands over the corners of the frame.

2.Store hair accessories in a shoe organizer placed over the door. Clear over the door plastic shoe organizers are full of clear pockets that are just the right size for holding brushes, elastics, bobby pins and all sorts of hair accessories. If you’d like to keep accessories out of reach, simply trim a few rows of pockets off of the bottom.

3.Use beading storage containers for elastics and bobby pins. For a few dollars you can pick up a plastic container broken down into storage squares that will organize rubber bands, bobby pins, small hair clips and other hair emblements. Place different colored bands in each box so you can easily find multiple hairbands of the same color, leaving you never to have to mismatched pigtail hairbands again.

4.Use a small basket, tin bucket or short, square glass vase if it’s out of reach to hold brushes and spray bottles. A short, stout decorative or clear container can be a great place to store brushes, bottles of water, spray in conditioner, combs and other hair care items. You can store a rainbow of rubber bands over the spray bottles for easy storage.

5.Add long, thick ribbons to a coat hanger to hold barrettes and elastics. Hot glue a few strips of ¾ inch to 1 inch wide ribbon along the sides or bottom of a wooden or plastic coat hanger. Clip barrettes, clips and bobby pins onto the strips. Slide elastic bands over the top of the hanger. You can display this on the wall or over the door handle or hang it in the closet.

With a minimal investment of time and money you can say goodbye to digging through a basket of tangled bows and bands and hello to an organized storage area that will make finding the perfect hair accessory a cinch every time.

reprinted with permission

Back to School Hair Style Inspiration Ideas from IGer Jill Ehat

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If you are planning Back to School First Day of School hairstyle ideas, we invite you to check out mom of 3 Jill Ehat‘s Instagram account. 
Daily, to her 45,000 110,000 followers (updated since we first discovered her last year), Ehat shares some of the creative styles she puts on the heads of her 7-year old twin daughters, Hallie & Brighton.
When Ehat isn’t styling the girls’ hair, she is managing their performance careers along with that of their 9-year old brother.
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