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The 5 Things Work-At-Home Moms Must Do to Stay Fit & Trim


I am a work-at-home mom and like many other women who have to balance the rigors of earning an income from home while balancing responsibilities as a mom and wife, I find it difficult to squeeze exercise in my schedule.

For this very reason, I was excited to read blogger Dani’s post sharing her solid tips for getting her work out routine in while also caring for her children during the day. The girl looks fit so I think I’m going to try out her suggestions.

Because what you eat is key to fitness, weightloss and other weight management goals, it was awesome to read this segment of her piece, “5 Healthy Habits for Work-at-Home moms”:


Put Junk/Kids Foods Out of Sight

Out of sight out of mind. Right? Wrong. (you know exactly where you hid the damn cookies. stop it.) But out of sight, less likely to binge on! I recently did a dump of all the processed foods, white sugar, white flour leftover, etc. I took it out of the cabinets and gave some way, tossed some out. It just had to go. Now, we do have some “junk” food left, and those are on the top shelf and only come out randomly for the kids. (I literally have to get a chair to climb up and get down their mac n cheese boxes) The fridge only has healthy foods (except for my mom’s jams for the kids pb&j sandwiches) If you don’t toss your favorite junk foods, I suggest you have your spouse hide the items and make sure he or she is strong enough not to bend and give them to you when you’re feeling hangry.  (This tip works for moms that work outside the home too!)

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