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The Truth About Stretch Marks, Who Gets Them, Why and Getting Rid of Them

After giving birth to four kids, my mom had zero stretch marks. Genetically, she is predisposed to not get them.

Lucky her! I was not as fortunate.

Another reason people get stretch marks is that they put on weight too quickly causing the the skin to fragment into markets.

Women with a healthy BMI might gain between 25 to 35 pounds over the course of a pregnancy, it’s hard for our skin to keep up.

Another reason people acquire stretch marks while pregnant is the hormones that are abundant during pregnancy contribute to them.

They are really hard to avoid if you are not genetically predisposed to not them. If you didn’t get them during your growth spurt during puberty, you may get them later.

Creams can help make the skin more supple to slow down their onset or lessen the darkness of them when they do arrive.

But none can help you avoid them.

One can slow the onset of stretch marks appealing by talking to the doctor or dietician about how to gain steady and moderate weight.

Once you develop them, laser therapy can help stretch marks to fade although it can’t remove them completely and typically several treatments are required. Most insurers don’t pay the cost and is usually very expensive.

The other alternative is just to embrace and accept them. Tiger stripes are par for course and the baby at the end!



Hilaria Baldwin shows you how to have a stretch mark free pregnancy

We’ve been down this road before, but… another super svelte celebrity pregnant woman with a tiny bump has decide to take a photo of herself in her underwear.
This time it’s Hilaria Baldwin, yoga instructor and wife to actor Alec Baldwin  since 2012. The couple are parents to Carmen Gabriela, born August 2013. 

In a recent photo the fitness professional shared with her fans and followers in Instagram, she wrote:

“#HilariaHealthy2015 skin care…I have been nervous to post anything like this because I hate receiving negative opinions…However, so many of you ask me about my skin and staying stretch mark free during pregnancy…I think it may be worth putting myself out there.”
She added, “So I LOVE creams…I have shown you a few here that arein a wide price range so it will appeal to as many as possible on different budgets….Let me say that the most important trick to good skin is diet (some genetics too), but staying hydrated inside and out is extremely important…I moisturize daily (multiple times a day while pregnant), wash my face morning and night, exfoliate in the shower, but mostly try to drink tons of water and eat clean.”
I am very happy that she added the disclaimer about genetics. For example, my mother had four kids and never developed any at all, partially because she has excellent elastic skin. All three of her daughters (including me) got stretch marks during their respective pregnancies, despite adhering to rigorous usage of various balms and creams all claiming to help you avoid stretch marks.
And although she posted this image to show off the effect of moisturizing, clean eating and plenty water and their role in a stretch-mark free pregnancy, I’m certain some attention will be paid to how tiny she is. Most women pack on pounds when pregnant and definitely do not look so contained. But then again, many do not perform yoga all pregnancy neither adhere to her healthy diet and exercise routine either. 

Still…we’ve been down this road before—> SEE HERE!

Anyway, do you have any opinions on any of this?

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