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The Secrets of Raising Happy and Healthy Girls

Moms worry about their children non-stop. Whether you have a son or a daughter, they will never be out of your thoughts. But, it is no secret that girls have it harder in life than boys. What with the peer pressure and constant body image concerns, being a child is difficult for young ladies. Then, the hormones kick in and life can become quite challenging.

It is  essential for moms to guide their daughter. After all, as a mom, you have been there and purchased the t-shirt. Here are a few things to consider as your little girl grows into a young woman.

Her Body Image Isn’t Everything

All young girls see the image of a “perfect” on TV or the front of glossy mags and want the same. In all honesty, this is where the majority of body issues come from because girls feel as if they can’t be different. A mom must let her daughter know that she can be diverse and beautiful at the same time. Make sure your daughter knows that physical appearance isn’t everything and should not be the focus in life. Getting the attention of the opposite sex is not the priority or main goal in life. Let her know to be who she feels free and comfortable being and know the rest will fall into place.

But She Can Be A Girly Girl

There is a distinction between being confident in your body and enjoying the finer things in life. Let’s face it – there is that old addage, “girls will be girls just like boys will be boys.” There is nothing wrong with going out clothes shopping if you have a daughter who is into that. Don’t pressure your girl who isn’t into fashion and stereotypical “girl” things and interests. Mothers should not just indulge their daughters, but pass on their wisdom.  We’ve heard when it comes to avoiding skin rashes, for example, Choosing razor blades via 99centrazor.com is an option as getting personal items online can save the embarrassment of shopping in stores. Make up tips, when the time comes and other feminine hygiene issues must be shared and handled with care. Go gently and don’t force any topic or risk having your girl push you away. 

Expressing Feelings Is Natural

Some people may have negative opinions about showing one’s emotion. A person who cries and expressed their feeling outwardly may be showcasing tha tthey are well adjusted and in touch with their emotions and feelings. The truth is that she is about to enter a difficult period of her life when things will get on top of her. If she can’t express her feelings, the tension will merely build until it explodes. Whether she does it on the bus home or in her room, she shouldn’t’ be afraid to express herself. It will make teenage life much more comfortable for everyone.

Friends Are Everything

Now, she might not keep the same friends throughout her entire life because things happen. But, the people in her circle now and the ones in the future are essential. Why? It’s because they create a support group which she can use to express her feelings and discuss all the topics that make growing up a mix bag of feelings. When she knows others like her exist, life won’t appear as lonely. Girls can be hard work, what with the gossip and constant “betrayals.” But, through it all, she should know they are the only people who can understand her.

One last thing – good luck! It’s an arduous process for mothers and daughters alike.