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I Tried Instacart Grocery Delivery To The Kids While On Travel


Instacart Grocery Delivery app was a heaven sent convenient way for me to deliver nutritious food instead of pizza to the kids through their sitter while I was out of town

About 5-years ago, my sisters were babysitting my kids when the doorbell rang and there was a pizza delivery man on the other end!

Wow! One told the other, Jeneba delivered pizza to us all the way from Miami!

My husband and I were vacationing and called in the order. It wasn’t really anything special but back then, I suppose, the idea of remote ordering was foreign.

It was nothing like it is today. Since those days, a lot of apps and services have launched that allows parents, caregivers and others who are away to have all sorts of things delivered to their kids at home.

Last Summer, while my mom was watching the kids while the hubby and I were across country, we tried grocery delivery service Instacart for the first time.

After downloading the app, I got to check out several of the dozens of area stores, grocers and shops and after picking one, go virtual grocery shopping.

Within two to three clicks, groceries were ordered! It was super fast, surprisingly easy and quick!

Once our order was placed, an Instacart associate received our list, then traveled down to my local market close to home, shopped and dropped off the groceries to my waiting and hungry brood!

It was so much more cost effective and healthier than ordering pizza and wings for dinner!

My husband and I were quite pleased. There is a small and very nominal service charge and monthly fee but it is totally worth it.

Since then, I have become a fan and ardent user of Instacart and other grocery delivery services.


I imagine it could be perfect for a brand new mom who is stuck at home caring for a newborn and unable to get away to get shopping done.

Even Amazon has gotten into this space with its Amazon Pantry service.

If you ever are away from the kids and need to have groceries delivered to your sitter or caregiver while you’re away, I recommend Instacart!