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Kylie Jenner joins Long List of Celebs Who Don’t Show Their Babies Faces Online; Here’s Why

I saw a few reports about how makeup mogul and reality TV star Kylie Jenner has selected to stop showing her daughter Stormi’s face on social media after a few mean trolls left nasty comments about the infant.

As Celebrity Baby Scoop reported, “fans noticed that Stormi’s face was hidden and one follower, in particular, noted that she had ‘cut her baby out’, Jenner replied, ‘Yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.'”

Reportedly, she was excited to share her baby with the world but has had to retreat amidst the mean trolls, and her beau and Stormi’s dad Travis Scott is doing the same, only showing her tiny Nikes in a recent Snap Story.

I cannot say I blame her. One of this blog’s most viewed post is about Aoki Lee, the brilliant daughter of Russell Simmons and our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Kimora Lee Simmons, who avoids posting photos of her face on her own Instagram page, and how I believe it stems from nasty comments from the public about her looks.

The harsh critique from the public probably explains why Beyonce famously shielded her daughter Blue Ivy‘s face when she shared photos of her during her infancy to toddler years, and Kelly Rowland for the first year of her son’s life as well.

If you follow actress Zoe Saldana‘s social media, you will see that she was telling t to share a photo of her twin boys, Cy and Bowie and their baby brother either but has recently.

Over the pond, singer and TV presenter Rochelle Humes features many snaps of her daughters on Instagram but none of her face.

Another one of this blog’s bumpwatch alums Keisha Knight-Pulliam also refuses to show her daughter Ella Grace’s face on social media.

View this post on Instagram

My sunshine ☀️ #MomLife #Love #Grateful

A post shared by Keshia Knight Pulliam (@keshiaknightpulliam) on

Then there are the other extremes who don’t show their children’s faces at all, like Kerry Washington, Eva Mendes, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively until recently.

The fans demand it, and many fuss about being denied the chance to gawk at their babies, as if it their right like these who commented under one of Knight-Pulliam’s pics.

And those who do share like Tia Mowry and Solange Knowles have found themselves having to snap back and put mean trolls in their place who called both their sons ugly, as recently as a few years ago.

These reactions prove why it is not a bad idea to keep something private.

h/t Celebrity Baby Scoop

Ciara Introduces Sienna Princes After Shielding Daughter’s Face From Public For Almost a Year

At a time and era when several celebrities successfully purposefully shield their babies’ faces from the media, pop singer Ciara has decided to share her daughter’s for the first time in a new app.

On Thursday, the Body Party singer introduced her daughter with NFL quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks on the app called TraceMe.

“I’m so excited to be opening up my world to you on TraceMe,” Ciara told fans who follow her on the app. “You guys know that I tend to be private with a lot of things, but with TraceMe I can have a genuine, unfiltered connection with you all.”

It also bucks the older tradition of having a big reveal on a magazine for millions of dollars given at one time, celebrities took home million+ dollar paydays for sharing their baby’s first photos.

Gone are those days because with the advent of social media, a lot of celebs are sharing their babies first pics with their fans directly, though not all.


Zoe Saldana, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland for the first year, Brit Rochelle Humes  and others didn’t open their children up to public scrutiny. Today, Keisha Knight-Pulliam still keeps her daughter Grace’s face from her social media feed.

We never have seen Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s children and most likely will never see them either. Given all the ridicule and shaming celebs like Tia Mowry received over her son, and Kimora Lee Simmons’ daughter Aoki Lee, we can see why.

Ciara explained why she chose to reveal.

“My motivation for this was to give back for all of your support throughout the years,” she explained. “We now have a special place where you can get to know more about me, and see all the fun things that go on with my music, my family, my fashion and so much more.”

The model and dancer has a 3 1/2 year old son named  Future Zahir Wilburn with her ex fiance hip hop performer Future.


Breastfeeding Sacrifice: Keisha Knight-Pulliam Exits Celebrity Big Brother

Actress Keisha Knight-Pulliam begged to be released from the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday.

The Cosby Show alum said she could no longer bear to be apart from her one year old daughter Ella Grace Hartwell feared her breastmilk would dry up while she was on he show.

“I fought very hard in this game and I really wanted to compete…but the truth of the matter is, my breast milk has continued to deplete since I’ve been here,” the online cooking show said while fighting back towards., adding. “There’s nothing more important than my baby, so I apologize, but please use whatever ounce of compassion you have to send me home.”

The other house guests obliged her by voting her out unanimously

“I’m a very competitive person..however $250,000, or any amount of money, is not worth my baby,’ she explained after leaving.

After  she got home to snuggle her daughter, she penned a heartfelt message on Instagram promoting  the normalization of breastfeeding.

H/t Daily Mail



Keshia Knight-Pulliam shares 3D Sonogram, Reflects Her Rollercoaster Year


First-time mom-to-be Keshia Knight-Pulliam used Thanksgiving to share with her Instagram followers the lessons she’s learned from the roller coaster year she has had.

The star, best known for her role as the character “Rudy Huxtable” on the 1980s comedy “The Cosby Show”, used the occasion to share a sonogram of her soon-to-be-born daughter, she has decided to name Ella Grace. She captioned the 3D image with a heartfelt message.

“This has been this single most challenging year of my life. However, I wake up this Thanksgiving more grateful & in awe of God’s power than ever,” she wrote.

“Thru it all this little face has kept me going & helped me tap into strength I didn’t even know I possess. I am so eternally grateful for my little Ella. I would not trade any of what I have gone thru for her. She is my greatest accomplishment & joy. She has inspired my smile even thru the tears. I am so proud she has chosen me to be her mommy… #Grateful #ThereIsAlwaysARainbowAfterTheStorm #IfICanDoItSoCanYou”





Pulliam and her estranged husband, former NFL player Ed Hartwell are undergoing a divorce after Hartwell filed for the formal separation days after she announced that they were expecting their first child. The couple only married in January this year after a very brief courtship.

The actress also casually dropped the fact that she has been one of the few women fortunate to not have gotten stretch marks while pregnant…yet.

Hold on, girl. They appear during that last month but hopefully she can stave them off for the entire pregnancy. My mom had four children and has zero stretch marks on her belly! Lucky!

A little over a month ago, members of her Kamp Kizzy surprised her with a baby shower


And earlier, she was gifted with a bunch of stuff from Marquee Communications which represents a bunch of baby and pregnancy related brands! Nice


Keshia Knight-Pulliam celebrates 3rd Trimester with Maternity Shoot 

First time mom-to-be  Keshia Knight-Pulliam celebrated entering her third trimester in pregnancy with a maternity photo shoot. 

Actor and part time photographer to the stars Lance Gross captured the Cosby Show alum in a long grey bump hugging jersey maxi dress by Atlanta-based designer Tracy Nicole.

Knight-Pulliam, who is estranged from her husband, former s NFL player, Ed Hartwell, shared one of the photos in her Instagram account recently. 

“I can’t believe my belly is so BIG!! Thank you @lancegross for capturing such a magical time in my life & @tracynicoleatl for this perfect dress,” she captioned the photo. “This journey has been amazing!!”

Keisha Knight-Pulliam announced her entree into her third semester with this bare belly photo on her Instagram account

She asked her followers to download her latest podcast “KandidlyKeisha for details.

Knight-Pulliman is expecting a daughter she has decided to name Ella. 

Roundup: Kim K Public Hiatus, Births, Bumpwatch and Haiti Donation


It’s been a busy week with the celeb women we follow and have featured on the blog. Here is a little roundup of some of the latest news:

Kim Kardashian West has suspended all social media activity and filming of her hit television show Keeping Up with the Kardashian since being bound and gagged and locked in a bathroom of her private rental mansion while in Paris for Paris Fashion Week last weekend. Gunmen posing as police got past the concierge and stole $10M in jewelry after asking for “the rapper’s girlfriend” according to recent press reports, referencing her husband Kanye West. The children were in New York City with their dad who left a concert at the New Jersey Meadowlands mid set to rush to be by his wife’s side.

Thinking of Kim Kardashian as we can imagine she is quite shaken up after such a harrowing and frightening experience. (Hollywood Reporter)

Behati Prinsloo‘s bestie South African Supermodel Candice Susan Swanepoel  and her fiance fellow model Hermann Nicoli welcomed their first child, a baby boy (E!)

Keshia Knight Pulliam looked great on a night on the town (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

We’re thinking of the people in the eye of Hurricane Matthew including the hundreds who died in Haiti and elsewhere. Here are ways you can donate to the people of hardest hit nation so far, Haiti. (ABC News Florida)

Ed Hartwell Might Have Been Right About Waiting Before Having a Baby

hartwell and knight pulliam

Ex NFL player Ed Hartwell opened up recently about the reason he filed for divorce from his wife, child star Keisha Knight-Pulliam. During an exclusive with PageSix, he said that given their extremely short courtship of about a few months, he thought waiting longer to introduce a baby to the marriage was best.

“She wanted a baby really fast, and what I was trying to explain to her was that — from my beliefs, from seeing other successful people — that when you first get married, especially since we didn’t have a long courtship, that we should actually focus on each other and not just have a baby,” he said via Skype call with the gossip site.

The studies support him. Recent research states that couples that have courtships of 3 or more years are 39% less likely to get a divorce compared to those who date for 1 to 2 years; they are just 20% less likely to get a divorce. Couples that were together less than 6 months before marrying have the highest divorce rate.

“Couples who date for 3 years or more have better chances of staying together and a more stable marriage,” APlus summarized. “The findings mimic those of a 2006 study which found that couples who have dated less than 6 months before marriage had the highest divorce rate,”

Hartwell was also on point about spacing out babies. The average married couple in the United States wait three years into their marriage before having a baby.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control, state that American women are an average age of 26 when they get married and 29 when they have their first child — which varies from person to person. And this certainly doesn’t factor in older women.

At age 37, we can imagine, Knight-Pulliam didn’t want to take her chances on fertility as the older a woman gets the harder it is for her to have a baby without medical intervention and she was perhaps, anxious.

But Hartwell knows about the risk from his own personal history.  He was married before after a reported short courtship and he is now divorced from former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Lisa Wu.   Recently, Wu ripped into Knight-Pulliam for allegedly (according to Wu) commenting on Wu’s marriage to Hartwell on the show Hollywood Exes. She explained her concern was more for her 9-year old son with Hartwell.

“I’ve allowed people to assume as they wish and it’s been hurtful. But It’s no 1’s Biz & there is children involved. Not only her unborn child, but my 9 year old who can read very well,” she captioned a now deleted Instagram post.  Wu now stars on VH1’s Hollywood Divas.

Knight-Pulliam seems to have a large network of supporting family and friends, and may be okay. She was chilling pool side and showed a photo of her baby bump to her fans on Instagram lately. This could be captioned: #Unbothered

The joy of sitting by the pool and not having to suck your stomach in!!! ??? #MeAndMyLittleLady

A photo posted by keshiaknightpulliam (@keshiaknightpulliam) on

Keisha Knight-Pulliam Breaks Her Silence On Her Troubled Marriage


keisha knight-pulliam

Actress Keisha Knight-Pulliam has spoken out about her marriage and husband Ed Hartwell‘s decision to file for divorce only 8 months of marriage.

A few days after the news went public, the former child star sat down with Entertainment Tonight exclusively to tell her side of the story and explain how blindsided she was by the news.

“It’s hurtful,” the Spellman College grad shared. “I knew I couldn’t be silent, because this isn’t about money. This isn’t about fame. This isn’t about social media likes or follows. This is about my character — my integrity as a woman being attacked — and that’s not OK.”

She said her husband, a former NFL Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens player, told her about filing for divorce via text message.

He noted on court papers that “irreconcilable differences”  were his reason for seeking an end to his marriage. He also asked that Knight-Pulliam soon-to-be-born daughter  be subjected to a paternity test after birth.

“This is his baby,” Keshia told ET. “He wanted more children. He was excited once he found out that we were having a little girl. There was never a question about that. … [At] no point after we got pregnant was there an issue of the fact that we’re having a baby.”

She also revealed said that she was the one who wanted to leave first after discovering he had cheated but she gave him a second chance after he plead with her to stay.

“Early on in my marriage when I was faced with this, I was ready to leave. It’s not OK,” Pulliam says. “In the process, I found out I was pregnant. And I had to take another hard look and decide if I wanted to try to work through this and forgive him for the sake of the child. Like, I had divorce papers ready. I presented it to him. … Once I was pregnant I did decide to give him that one last chance.”

“The part that hurt me the most when he filed for divorce was that he had asked me to give him another chance, and I was willing to do that and forgive him, for our family,” she adds.

Knight-Pulliam says she is okay with the separation but still interested in co-parenting.

“There’s a baby in the middle of this,” she stressed. “Regardless, if we don’t want to be married, that’s fine, because we agree on that. But this baby is what’s important.”

We’re thinking of her and the baby and family. Hopefully, she will pull through.

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