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Laura Perlongo on Being Free in Her Skin at VMAs, Bare Bump and all

Mom-to-be Laura Perlongo sent tongues flapping when showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night with her bare bump revealed through an open army green jacket.

The fiancé of Nev Schulman,the host of MTV’s Catish, said she has gotten postive response from women who believe it is okay for a pregnant woman to dress sexy.

“There is so much pressure on women to look a certain way. That ‘way’ is hard to achieve even when you’re not pregnant. Be sexy, but not too sexy. Be confident, but wear something that fits our current standard of acceptable,” Perlongo told the website attn. “When it came to choosing an outfit for last night, I wasn’t feeling the pregnancy options that were out there — they made me feel like a big blob or were tight and constricting. That is, they made me feel more self-conscious than just being myself and wearing my skin. And yeah, I wanted to rep my fellow pregnant ladies (s/o to the baby bumps).”

While the people on social media had a lot of mixed opinions about the look, Perlongo said attendees of the event were more accepting.

“It was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Kim Kardashian loved it,” she added. “Other pregnant women and women with children came up to me with praise and congratulations throughout the night. Good vibes all around. I don’t regret the decision at all.”


Her fiancé loved it.

“Whoever says pregnant and sexy can’t go together, you’re wrong!” Schulman said of his bride-to-be. “Over the past eight months I’ve watched my fiancée carry and care for our child and transform into the magical goddess​ she is now and to me this is the most beautiful she has ever been. I couldn’t be more proud of and inspired by her.”

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Not a Catfish but Its TV Version is Expecting & Now Engaged to his Girl

nev schulman and girl

This isn’t the result of a catfish situation, but the founder of the popular MTV show about people who pose as other people to unsuspecting victims over the internet is expecting his first child with his longtime girlfriend, Laura Perlongo.

Nev Shelman announced that news on Twitter a couple weeks ago and now they are sharing that they are now engaged. Perlongo is 7-months pregnant.

Schulman announced the news on Facebook with a photo of the two embracing in bed.

“She said yes!!! I couldn’t be more more in love or excited to spend my life with this amazing woman. I’m so lucky I found someone I can be truly be myself around and always makes me smile. She’s creative, honest and chooses to always look on the bright side. Hope all of you find that person too. YAY love!”

Schulman also took to Instagram to announce the news.

we’re enraged!!!

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